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 Beast Quest

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PostSubject: Beast Quest   Mon Mar 24 2008, 12:28

The books are as followed:

Beast Quest
Ferno the fire dragon
Serpon the sea serpent
Arcata the moutain giant
Tagus the horse-man
Nanook the snow monster
Epos the flame bird

Beast Quest the goldan armour
Zepha the monster quid
Claw the giant monkey
Soltra the stone charmer
Vipero the snake man
Archnid the king of spiders
Trillion the three headed lion

Beast Quest specials
Vedra and Kimon

Okay so there not really aimed at the main area of people on this site but I got the first book just because I wanted to know what all the younger people were going crazy about it for. There actually quite okay and if you have any younger siblings around 10ish I would reccomed them.
My step sister is not the best of readers shes 13 and loved it. Shes now saving up her pocket money to get the next beast quest book. The first one in the series is the first book she has complited since she was young so there really gripping for the younger and less confident readers.
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Beast Quest
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