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 S. Master

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PostSubject: S. Master   Mon Mar 17 2008, 18:40

Welcome to the maze, S. Master!

You find yourself at the beginning of a huge maze composed of gigantic green hedges. Using your knowledge of spells, especially Charms, you must find a way out of this maze. Numerous obstacles will be presented to you and they need to be passed in order for you to move on through the maze. Tall leafy walls rise up on both sides of you. The sun shines brightly and there's nothing in sight... at the moment. Step into the maze and begin this adventure. Remember to role-play your actions, show your knowledge of spells and charms, and to be creative. Your first obstacle will follow your first post. There will be ten total challenges for you to complete before you're done.

Good luck!
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S. Master
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