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 Creature Chronicles: Rigby Dumbledore

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Retired Deputy Head : 5th year
Retired Deputy Head : 5th year

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-02-22
Number of posts : 11746
Age : 30
Location : England
Real First Name : Amy
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House : Gryffindor
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100 / 700100 / 700

PostSubject: Creature Chronicles: Rigby Dumbledore   Thu Jan 03 2008, 07:29

Quest Information

Name: Rigby Dumbledore
House: Ravenclaw

Creature: Phoenix, fully grown
Quest Location: Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
Quest Dates: 1st-31st January

Potential Problems:
You may encounter the Norwegian fjords, the Scandinavian Mountains and the archipelagos of Sweden and Norway
The January weather will be cold
Is that a Vampire tracking you?

Your quest will take you through the historical regions of Scandinavia, where the weather is cold, and there are vampires a-lurking...

You should make thirty-one entries spanning the month of your quest. This does not need to be in real-time (i.e. a post a day). You can take however long you need to complete your quest.

Good Luck!
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View user profile http://amyxaphania.livejournal.com
Rigby Dumbledore
3rd Year
3rd Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2007-01-30
Number of posts : 4801
Location : RÍveur
Real First Name : Kate or Katie
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0 / 30 / 3

House : Ravenclaw
Crest :
Wand : Exam not taken
Award Bar :
102 / 700102 / 700

PostSubject: Re: Creature Chronicles: Rigby Dumbledore   Fri Jan 04 2008, 16:50

Jan 1, 2008

I am writing this entry in a journal that I purchased in a New York City Airport. This is not the start that I had expected to my little adventure. After all, when Professor McGonagall had tasked me with the duty of returning Fawkes to his place of birth so that he could find a mate, I thought it was going to be a mini-vacation. I guess most nightmares start out pretty quietly as well.

At the moment I am over the North Sea, but I should be arriving at any moment in Copenhagen, Denmark. You might be asking why a witch like me is flying in a muggle airplane? Why a phoenix like Fawkes is tucked away in the luggage compartment below the plane with a tag that reads "Easily startled Parrot"? The answer to these questions are as complex as they are ridiculous.

Reason #1) The pesky Vampire, Lars, whom I met during my Interview With A Vampire obsession days (darn Muggle authors!) has resurfaced in my life. Only instead of being the mildy annoying yet stunningly handsome bloodsucker I remember, he seems to have taken a turn towards the sinister side. The reports that he is the leader of the deadly vampire cult, BloodKlots, has been confirmed, and he has decided that I would make a fine addition to the undead cult. I turned him down, gently of course, only minor stunning spells, but that has only angered Lars. While I do have to admit that I find certain things more appealing by Lars new found sense of purpose (i.e. Vampire World Domination), and I do like my steaks on the rare side, but I just don't see myself giving up all the creature comforts of being a nice mortal witch. Plus Lars and I don't have anything in common other than our love of the nightlife, and that's not a good enough reason to base spending your entire life, read eternity, with a Vampire who wants to either eat, destroy, or turn every Muggle on the planet.

But the little boy kicking the seat behind me is seriously tempting a change of heart, as long as Lars and his merry band of undead start with him.

Problem #2: For reasons that she would not explain, McGonagall wants me to keep a low profile. Also, because Fawkes is so old, we're not really sure where he was born. Other than the clue that it was somewhere in Scandanivia, I have nothing else to go on.

Problem #3: Fawkes won't fly. He's become sullen, meloncholy, and all those other terms that boil down to the fact that the bird is depressed. McGonagall thinks if we find him a mate he will perk right up. She assures me that Dumbledore's portrait has agreed with this course of action.

Once we hit the ground I'll have to use my magic skills to get Fawkes thru customs, as most countries require animals to spend a certain amount of time in quarantee, but I should be able to handle that.

I've been reading up on Phoenixes and their mating habits, exciting stuff, and I have chosen four or five locations that I think our Fawkes may have come from. So, the search begins in Denmark, which has the double draw of being a relatively vampire free country. I'm as prepared as half muggle witch can be, sweaters, camping materials, wand and gloves. I'm hoping once we hit the ground Fawkes will perk up.

That's all for now, dear journal. Wish me luck!
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Creature Chronicles: Rigby Dumbledore
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