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 Locked In The Potions Classroom!

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Rigby Dumbledore
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3rd Year

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PostSubject: Locked In The Potions Classroom!   Sun Dec 09 2007, 20:45

Uh, oh! You've been caught sneaking into the Potions classroom to steal ingrediants for a little Yule Tide potion making!! And instead of giving you detention, Filch has locked you in!

Forced to spend Christmas Eve in the drafty dungeon, what will you do? Will you mix potions all night long for your amusement? Will you plan a great escape with the use of the ingredients closet? Is it just you alone, or have a friend or two been trapped with you?

Your story must be at least 500 words long, but can be in any style you like, with any embellishments you care to add.

This class is worth 100 points!

Bonus! Upload your story to the Hogwarts Quill and post a link here for an extra 20 points, meaning you could earn up to 120 points on this class!

Points will be awarded for originality and quality - ie presentation, spelling and grammar.

Do NOT copy any other students' work!

Have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Locked In The Potions Classroom!   Mon Dec 10 2007, 19:58

Here ya go 1, 373 words! Enjoy!

"To be or not to be...."

Dan hummed and walked bravely into the potions supply closet, she smiled at the eyes in a jar as she passed them giving them a wave. As usual they didn’t respond, as she passed them, Dani picked up a box of newt tails and started picking through them, she found a nice long and juicy one and put the box down.

She pulled down a cauldron from the wall and set it on top a pile of broken sticks, muttering the spell for fire she dropped the tail into the empty cauldron. As she walked back to the cupboard of liquid potions she grabbed, three beetle eyes and twelve fly wings. Opening the cupboard she pulled out, ‘Twenty first tears a baby cries” and a bottle of “Laughing spit” that some brave student had collected from Professor Drit, the previous DADA teacher. Drit had a terrible laughing problem and every word he spoke that started with a ‘p’ or had a ‘p’ in it his spit would come flying out. Dani guessed that the student must’ve had him say a tongue twister involving the letter ‘p’.

Chuckling she made her way back to the cauldron, dumping out her ingredients she began to stir it while muttering under her breath “A Cauldron full of hot strong love” and dumping in the baby tears. Taking out a sheet of white paper that had numerous notes and ingredients on it, in big curly-q letters at the top it read: “Love sucks” as a joke from her friend Jenn. Smiling Dani followed the instructions for the perfect love potion that was going to be slipped into David Tennat’s midnight glass of milk, so in the morning Etta would find a lovesick puppy of David. ‘Merry Christmas Etta’ she thought as she grabbed a hair of hamster and dropped it into the concoction.

“What are you doing in here!” A voice boomed from behind her.

Dani yelped and dropped in one to many gray toenails, the cauldron smoked behind her and spluttered she didn’t know which was worse; getting caught by Filch or screwing up the potion. Playing it cool she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Oh Mr. Filch, how are you this evening, lovely night for a stroll isn’t it.” She said.

“It may well be a lovely night but neither you nor I am on a stroll now are we miss Dani,” the gray man said stroking a gray cat that purred into his gray overcoat.

“Right you are!” She said turning to her potion and stirring it once. “Well, maybe we should change that, shall we?” Dani said making her way through the twist and turns of tables and tall bottles.

“Maybe we shall, maybe we shan’t” The caretaker said, looking at Dani. “Now answer me Sunset, what are you doing here?”

“Would you care for the truth of a creative lie?” She said.

“Amuse me,” his voice was cold and Dani knew she wasn’t going to escape without punishment.

Hiding her sigh she began, “Well as you know many, many, many, many, many, many years ago on this night a baby boy was born.” She said scooping up the next ingredient: Liver of toad. Taking it over to the chopping block she began to slice it up. “While this was taking place a star in the heavens was guiding three wise men-such as yourself!-the star was ever so bright.”

“Yes continue Miss. Sunset, that is not an answer it is an excuse.” He said stroking his cat.

“I was getting to that, don’t rush me!” She coughed and hit her chest. “Where was I? Oh yes…the star was ever so bright and it guided them right to the manger where the boy was born, and what I’m doing here is making a potion that shines as bright as that star!”

“Very well,” The man said clearly not believing her. “Then I shall make it so no one disturbs you. Here let me lock this door. I’ll fetch you in the morning. Goodnight!” He said slamming the door before Dani had a chance to speak. She heard a click and the door was firmly sealed leaving Dani no escape.

Sighing she picked up the white paper, and slid the Toad Liver into the Cauldron. It gave off a purple smoke as the instructions requested a ‘nice aqua’. Swearing, Dani threw the paper into the cauldron and watched as the smoke turned pink.

“Well, looks like its just you and ‘eye’” She said to the eyeballs. She laughed at her own joke, then stopped. “This is pathetic, I can’t believe I’m going to be stuck in here while Jenn is giving Etta and Streams a makeover tonight!”

Dani began pacing and thinking she checked her watch it was almost 11 that meant about another 10 hours of being stuck in the closet! She sat down on a stool and glanced at her feet. Her heat skipped a beat when she saw the corners of a book sticking out from under a table, hidden by shadows, picking it up she read the cover page.

‘10 ways to make your enemies Cringe’.

Turning it over in her hand Dani read the back pretending not to be interested. “Wish to get revenge, get out of some place, well then look no further! With the help of ‘10 ways to make your enemies Cringe’ you’ll learn 100 potions and spells to do just that!”

Heading the book’s words Dani opened it and flicked through, landing on a dog-eared page. “To be or not to be? Trapped that is.” Grinning Dani looked around her and began gathering ingredients, she hummed to herself as she did so, and the book was an absolute blessing. The potion …

To be or not to be?
-Trapped that is!

2 newt tails
3 hairs of a baby’s head
Diced beetle spleen
23 jumping beans
1 giant’s toenail
A gallon of liquid fire
3 drops of your own blood
2 dark secrets
One whole lemon

Take care not to get this wrong! Pour your liquid fire into a flame proof cauldron, drop your two newt tails in…WITH YOUR LEFT HAND! Stir with a wooden spoon counterclockwise three times. Add 12 of the jumping beans, stir clockwise and the other 11. Quick! Hurry and Dice the beetle spleen before adding your toenail. Now add the beetle spleen. Now be careful, use a silver knife to prick your skin and squeeze the spot you’ve pricked until three drops drop into the mixture as you do this mutter one secret i.e. I stole Suzie’s last pop tart and told her Jennie did it! Its time for the hair drop that in and stir for seventeen minutes counterclockwise. Finally add your lemon and cover your ears, I repeat COVER YOUR EARS! The room should fill with a gray smoke and blow out every window and door in the room. If you are in a room with glass wear goggles.

The potion didn’t seem hard and Dani really like the author’s way of explaining things, it made escaping fun and seem easy. She hurried and gathered the ingredients, the hardest to find was the jumping beans as they kept jumping out of Dani’s hand.

After following the instructions to a T, she saw the silvery smoke then she dropped the lemon in as she covered her ears. At first nothing happened then a rumbling boom! Filled the silence, it rang around the whole room and Dani was sure that everyone on higher levels had heard it. She opened her eyes and saw the room was just filled with Debris. Picking up the book she ran.

About 20 minutes later she pushed open the Hufflepuff Common room door where Jenn had sat up waiting for her.

“Oh my god!” Her fellow badger said looking at her, “What happened!?!”

Dani shrugged and looked at herself in the mirror she looked like a mad scientist with her hair blown back and her face blackened. “wow! That did a lot more damage that I thought!”

“Oh my...was that you who made that sound?” Jenn asked

“I guess was it a big *bang!*” She asked and watched as Jenn nodded. “Then yup that was me.”
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PostSubject: Re: Locked In The Potions Classroom!   Tue Dec 11 2007, 11:35

1155! lol, enjoy!


“Jenn, you sure this is a good idea? I mean, we could just get her a nice sweater-”

“It sure is! Now, be quiet! Don’t want Filch to hear us, do you?” responded Jenn in a terse whisper.

Elana shook her head, biting her bottom lip anxiously as they crept into the shadowy (and thankfully empty) Potions classroom. She prodded the door closed, and winced as it gave an echoing thud against the stone before squeaking almost shut. It left a conveniently small strip of an opening for her to peek out of. Jenn was already ferreting around in the ingredient supply closet, pulling aside various ingredients for later use. Seeing as she was quite useless in potion making, it was Elana’s duty to keep watch. She soon became bored, just standing there and watching the door, so began wandering around the room, wondering what there was to find. As she examined a number of disgusting – she didn’t even want to know what they were – left behind by a previous professor to revolt and enthrall students, Jenn let out a victorious, “Yes!” and Elana immediately sprung to attention, focused on the door again before Jenn turned.

“Lifey’s going to love us! I think I have it all,” said the Hufflepuff animatedly, nearly skipping over with her excitement. She nodded to her “I Love Oliver Wood” tote bag (beneath the elegant letters were, of course, scribbled other names in different colored sharpies: Daniel, Brodick, Blaise, Sirius, and Edward, to name a few.), which was easily large enough to hold the small cauldron they were – er – borrowing, along with the ingredients. “We’re going to make a love/befuddlement potion like no other! Lifey’s hair to make it just for her, for starters,” she said, holding up a tiny vial, “And then there’s the frozen Ashwinder eggs, sneezewort, scurvy-grass, lovage, peppermint, hellebore-”


“Hey, I’m not-”

“Someone’s coming,” Elana whispered. Sure enough, the sound of footsteps could more clearly be heard, and a shadow along the hall’s wall confirmed it. Wheezing breaths could be made out a moment later, and the girls exchanged frantic looks. “Hide!”

They dove, as gracefully as they could, behind Kate’s desk. Peering out around its legs, they could see the shadow’s owner standing outside of the room – Filch. He stopped at the partially opened classroom door, and squinted inside. Raising his lantern, he kicked the door open fully, and stepped inside. He shuffled around for a bit, taking in the still open supply closet. He shuffled a bit faster then to get to it, but backed away when it was clear that no one was hidden inside.

“Well, you little devils,” he hissed, “if you won’t come out, you obviously don’t want to leave, and won’t until Professor Rigby checks in the morning.”

With that, he left the room, jangling his keys ominously. He paused once outside, as if expecting a student or two to drop down from the ceiling, begging him not tell anyone. When that didn’t happen, he slammed the door shut, and, with a harsh click, they knew the door had been locked. He, wheezing and shuffling again, continued his patrol down the corridor, and the sound of his heavy footfalls faded.

“Think he would really lock us in?” whispered a fretful Elana.

“Do you?” returned Jenn.

Hoping for the best, but not believing in it, they scooted out from under the desk, and hurried to the door. After putting an ear to it to make sure Filch wasn’t within hearing distance, they tugged at the handle, stubbed a toe or two kicking the door, and chipped nail polish banging against it with their fists. At long last, they accepted the fact that they were stuck. Sitting with their backs against the door, they heard Filch pass by, and head up the stairs to the main floor.

“So…now that we’ll have a long stretch of uninterrupted work time,” said Jenn, trying to make the best of the situation, “should we get to work on the potion?”

“Sure,” said Elana, shrugging. “Might as well, and you’re right, Lifey’ll love it. All part of the plan,” she added with a slight laugh.

The plan, ha! The plan for the perfect gift – Draco Malfoy, unaware that he had been locked up for ages, unaware that he didn’t truly love her. Instead, Lifey would find a head over heels in love Draco waiting for her when she awoke. Perfect. Jenn began setting up a good workspace while Elana looked around for something to make their stay a bit more comfortable. She ended up with a few cushions to sit on, a couple of candles and a box of matches, and a large flask for the finished potion. She lit the candles so it would be easier to see (no windows in the dungeons, unfortunately), and sat down on one of the cushions.

“What goes in first?” she asked, looking at the multitude of potions ingredients, clueless.

“I’m still figuring that out…Why don’t you fill this about halfway with water before we get started,” said Jenn absently, handing her the cauldron. Elana dutifully got up and filled it at one of the sinks, then returned it. Jenn had made a small fire to set it on, and had most of the ingredients chopped up to the right amount. Though the Potions Master had, multiple times, told them about how making up potions when you were still in school could lead to horrible things (hello – HBP!), they had convinced themselves that using their creativity this way for their friend could only lead to good. Or so they hoped.

Jenn got to work scooping up the right portions of the various ingredients and pouring them into the cauldron. It began bubbling, and changed colors rapidly for some time. Three or so hours after they had first arrived, it had settled into a lovely shade of pale turquoise. Jenn and Elana looked into it curiously, and Jenn said, “Think that’ll work?”

Elana raised her eyebrows, trying to hold back her laughter. It was about the time of night when just about anything seemed hilarious, and so she failed at holding it back. Between her laughs, she spurt out, “You really think I can tell? Don’t worry, I’m sure it does – but even if it doesn’t if it doesn’t hurt Draco, Lifey’ll be fine.”


Professor Rigby Dumbledore entered her potions classroom Christmas morning to a strange sight. Two of her students were asleep in the middle of the room, a cauldron full of who knows what between them, ingredients scattered around it, and luckily the fire had been put out. A flask of the potion was clutched victoriously in Jenn’s hand, a triumphant smile on her sleeping face.

“I don’t want to know, I don’t want to know, I really don’t want to know,” Kate reminded herself as she walked over to them to gently prod them awake.

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Head Girl : 5th Year : Death Eater

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PostSubject: Re: Locked In The Potions Classroom!   Fri Dec 21 2007, 19:37

“Attention all students” Stephy heard one of the teachers say over the loudspeaker “there will be a potion making contest. Anyone wishing to submit their potion please have it handed in by midnight tonight”

“That sounds like fun!” Stephy exclaimed as she rushed out of the Great Hall looking for the nearest students. After a few minutes of running around the castle, Stephy finally ran into a group of seventh graders.

“Hey guys” Stephy said as she approached the small group. Looking around she saw that there was four of them. “I was just wondering where are we suppose to get our ingredients for the potion contest?” she asked them.

Stephy saw that the one who seemed to be the oldest look around, checking, Stephy guessed, to make sure that there wasn’t anyone nearby who would over hear her. “Well” she was whispering so low that Stephy had to get closer to catch all of what she was saying “I sneaked into the Potion’s classroom and took some from the ingredient’s cupboard. So long as you don’t get caught you should be okay.” She added as she and her friends started to walk away from her.

“Ok” Stephy called back to them not sure if she should go and steal from a teacher. That just didn’t seam right to her but she thought that if she couldn’t by the time the sun went down, find any ingredients then she would do as the older student did and steal.

Stephy quickly ran to the Ravenclaw Common room and knocked on the door waiting for the spell to finish yelling “What lies one hundred feet in the air on it’s back.” Stephy stood there pondering the question before it hit her “A dead centipede” she shouted as the door swung open to reveal the Ravenclaw Common room. She then ran up the stairs leading to the girls dormitory and threw open the door, hearing a loud bang from the door hitting the wall but she didn’t care, she had a potion to make. Stephy quickly flung herself under the bed where she pulled out her suitcase and looking inside she saw to her horror that there wasn’t any ingredients in it and as she looked outside she saw that the sun had just set.

“Well I guess I have no choice” Stephy said to herself as she got back to her feet and walked out of the dormitory with a lot less speed than what she was going when she first entered it. Stephy slowly made her way down into the dungeons, taking the longest paths that she could find. After what seamed like days, Stephy finally made it to the potion’s classroom. Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened the door and entered inside.

Upon entering, Stephy saw to her delight that she was the only one there. So long as no one entered the room while she was in there then Stephy would be able to take as many ingredients as she needed. She quickly walked the length of the room before stopping in front of the cupboard that held the items that she was looking for. Stephy pulled on the doors but she saw that they were locked. Pulling out her wand she used an unlocking charm which unlocked the locked doors enabling her to get inside to take what she was going to need. Stephy placed her wand on the floor as to free both of her hands so that she would be able to use them both to take whatever ingredients that she might need. As she was shifting through what little ingredients that remained, she noticed that there wasn’t that much to choose from. “I must not of had been the only one to sneak in here and steal potions” she whispered to herself as she started to shove whatever she could get her hands on into her pockets.

“You might of not have been the only one to steal from here but you’re the only one to be caught” Stephy heard a voice from behind say. Stephy froze and dropped everything that she had in her hands at the time.

“Well, well, well. What do we got here?” Flich said eyeing Stephy who was now surrounded by the ingredients that she had just dropped. “Maybe I should go get the Potion Teacher but why would I do that when I would much rather hang your by your feet but we are no longer allowed to do that here. It’s a shame they had to change the rules. I so dearly miss those days” he continued as Stephy let out a sigh of relief hearing that there was no way he was going to be able to hang her upside down or anything else related to that matter.

“Well” he continued as Stephy got to her feet trying to inch closer to the door so that she could make a run for it “I guess I could just lock you in here instead. You can speed a night here- where do you think your going” Flich roared as he grabbed my arm so that I couldn’t escape. He then spun me around causing me to fall into the wall. Looking over I saw my wand on the floor and made to snatch it but Flich was quicker and he picked up my wand seconds before I seized it in my own hands. Looking up I saw a smile form on his face. “Well I guess you wont be needing this. Maybe if your lucky you’ll get it back in the morning.” He laughed as he exited the room, locking the door behind him. STephy could hear him laughing all the way to the end of the hall.

“How am I suppose to get out of here?” Stephy thought to herself as she looked around the room. All that there was in the tiny room was a giant cauldron, a few chairs and desks and a cupboard where she was just taking ingredients out of awhile ago. “Wait I know what I can do” Stephy though as she walked over to the cauldern. I could make a potion that will eat through the door so I can escape.”

Stephy searched her robes for any ingredients that was still in them and threw it all into the cauldron that was in the middle of the room. Stephy saw that there was already a fire going on under it and that there was already a potion made inside. This didn’t bother her too much so Stephy threw in some more ingredients and then breaking one of the chairs, she had managed to make a paddle so that she would be able to stir the liquid. Once it had turned pink, Stephy decided that she might as well as give it a try.

After searching for a bottle, Stephy scooped up the liquid and walked over to the door. She then poured the pink substance all over the door and saw that it didn’t do anything.

“Time to add more” Stephy said as she grabbed a handful of beetle eyes. When she threw them into the potion it had changed from the color pink to the color yellow. As she placed the piece of the broken chair into the liquid to stir it she saw that it had started to dissolve the chair. “Well I guess that its done now” she said as she bottled some more of the potion and walked over to the door again. She once again poured the liquid all over the door and saw that it did take away some of the wood but it wasn’t eating through the wood quick enough. “Well this is going to take forever” Stephy said as she walked back over to the cauldron, Growing tired from being locked into the room for such a long period of time, she kicked the giant cauldron as hard as she could and saw that it had started to tip over. “Oh no!” she shouted as she tried to balance it out but she saw that she wasn’t going to be able to and she watched helpless as it landed on its side and the liquid pour out all over the floor. Looking at the path of the liquid she saw it flow over to the door where it dissolved a small whole just big enough for her to slip through. “Well I guess it was a good thing that I tipped it over” she said as she crawled out of the room.

“I’m just going to go straight to the dormitory. I’m not even going to try to enter the contest” Stephy said as she ran though the halls towards the Common room.
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PostSubject: Re: Locked In The Potions Classroom!   Tue Feb 05 2008, 16:15

word count - 1947 (including the title)

Locked within the Potions Room

The dungeons were dark and drafty, sounds of scattered drops from the wet mold growing, splashing rhythmically into the puddles that swarmed through the stone floor. Two shadowed figures swept up the dingy halls, a bright light igniting from one's wand as the other followed close behind, clinging to the slimy walls. They reached a wood door and pulling it open they snuck inside, leaving the door only slightly ajar in their haste. They barely registered another shadow looming after them, a feline by it's feet. It was six in the evening and while everyone was in the Dining Hall enjoying a scrumptious feast made for the Christmas Holiday, the two students made a dash to the dungeons to steal ingredients from the Potion's Classroom Cupboard.

"You sure nobody saw us, Michael?" Priscilla whispered, clutching the back of her friend's red and gold robes.

"Positive." came the exasperated response. "Now, would you please release me and stop worrying?"

Priscilla simply pouted, feigning a hurt look and wrapped her bare arms around herself as a chill swept through the classroom. She tore her eyes away from Michael and instead gazed at the thousand of capped ingredients. “What exactly are we looking for?"

"Well," Michael began, picking up an interesting glass. "I don't know about 'we' because last time I checked you were the one who tagged along, but what 'I'm' looking for is none of your business." he smirked at her over his shoulder.

"I was just asking, you don't have to be so rude." Priscilla snapped, giving him a roll of her eyes. Sometimes, she just wanted to smack upside his head! You’d think he was the one harboring PMS.

She turned her back on him and began browsing the shelves. Some of things enclosed within the small jars and capsules were so grotesque that she couldn't come up with any reason as to why someone would keep such things. Her dark eyes scanned the various ingredients, widening at the insides as she took closer looks.

“What are you doing?” Michael questioned, staring down at her from the tall ladder.

“None of your business,” she chided, sticking her tongue out at him. “Are you done, yet? I’m getting hungry.”

“Almost.” he said, stuffing a small jar into his bag.

Suddenly, Priscilla froze, picking up the sounds of footsteps. She dropped her voice to a whisper as she stared wide eyed at Michael. “Do you hear that?”

Michael stopped what he was doing. “Hear wha -?”

“Shush!” she hissed, pressing a finger to her lips.

A few moments of intense silence engulfed the closet when suddenly the door was swung open. Priscilla shrieked with surprise, stumbling backwards into the shelves and effectively smashing them to the ground her feet. Filch stood planted in the entryway, Mrs. Norris on his shoulder, hissing at them.

“What do you think you are doing down here?!” Filch snarled.

“Well, you see, Mr Filch...” Michael began, but before he could finish, Filch had slammed the door shut. The click of the lock echoed off the walls as the care keeper laughed hauntingly, his steps fading out of ear shot.

“He can’t lock us in here!” Priscilla shouted. She feverently started to pound on the door, yelling to be let out. “I don’t want to be stuck in here on Christmas Eve!”

Michael, however took their current predicament considerably well and started to set out his supplies on the ground. He picked a small black cauldron from the bottom shelf and sat cross legged in the middle of the room.

“Are you insane?!” Priscilla cried, “How can you be so calm about this?! We are stuck in here until Filch or Professor Rigby comes to get us!”

“Eh, it’s not so bad, Prissy.” Michael said, “At least now I have time to make my potion.”

Priscilla made a face at the unattractive nickname, but didn’t comment on it. Instead, she left him to his concoction and continued to browse along the shelves, pacing the length of the closet. She hadn’t really confessed to anyone, but she was claustrophobic, a fear she had come to realize after being in a small room for much to long with ten others.

As minutes passed, Priscilla began to feel her mouth go dry. Her stomach lurched as she felt the walls around her closing in. A panic rose inside her heart, making it sink to her feet as the room started to waver in and out of focus. She gasped for breath, grabbing the side of her head and slid down the wall onto the ground. Head nestled between her knees, she whimpered as tears threatened to burst forth.

“What’s wrong with you?” Michael snapped, obviously irritated. No answer. “Prissy?” when she didn’t respond, Michael sighed and turned to where he could hear her and suddenly was hit with concern. “Priscilla, what’s wrong?!” he noted her gasping for air and felt his own heart panging with fear. “Stop it!” he barked, running to her and falling to his knees “BREATHE!” he grasped her forearms.

She mumbled something incoherent, shaking her head as she pushed away his hands.

“You have to relax, Priscilla!” Michael instructed, his nerves escalating. It was no use. She wasn’t even aware of his presence.

He pushed himself off the floor and feverishly searched the thousands of bottles full of completed potions. There was only one potion that could cure her anxiety and make her calm, if only for a few moments. Michael wasn’t sure, but he was a hundred percent positive that Priscilla was experiencing claustrophobia. It was something that his sister went through numerous times so he was aware of the symptoms. He was just surprised that his friend hadn’t revealed this to him in case an emergency such as this approached.

Draught of Peace

Exclaiming, Michael snatched the labeled potion off the platform and uncapped it. He slowly approached Priscilla, crouching beside her and raised the bottle to her mouth. “Drink it, Prissy.” he encouraged. “It’ll help, I promise.” Hesitantly, she moved her head forward and allowed the liquid to slip through her lips and down her throat.

The effects were immediate, her breathing becoming even as she leaned against him. He sat beside her, a wave of relief overcoming him as he cradled her in his arms. In a few seconds, she fell asleep, her light snoring vibrating through the small room. Michael smiled as he gazed upon her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. He moved a loose strand away from her face, but suddenly stopped his movement.

“What’s that smell?” he wondered aloud as a musky odor filled the room. He sniffed around, inhaling a wondrous aroma. He made out a bit of vanilla, freshly opened paper, a dash of autumn leaves and the scent of sunflowers. “It smells familiar...” he furrowed his brow.

“Mmm..” Priscilla murmured, her nose wiggling. “Smells like.. “ she trailed off as she quickly sat up and accidently knocked her head against his. “Ow!” she shuffled back, her hands flying to her head.

“You’re so dumb.” Michael muttered, rubbing his forehead. Yet, he was immensely revealed that she was alright.

“Nnh..” she simply stuck his tongue out at him. “What is that?” she breathed deeply and let out a contented sigh. “It kinda smells like grass...morning dew...burnt wood and - is that cauldron overflowing?”

“Shit,” Michael mumbled, hurrying over to billowing potion. Just as he craned his head to look within, the potion sputtered and coughed and exploded with a bang. He emerged from the puff of smoke with his face covered in black soot and hair standing at odd angels splattered with traces of gold.

Priscilla bursted into full blown giggles, snorting from lack of breath. How she wished she had her camera. “You - you - you... pfft.... Ah hahaha!”

“It’s not that funny, really.” he replied, glaring at her.

“You look so... fu-fu-funny!” She said between laughs.

“You think it’s funny?” he asked, a gleam in his eye. He grinned. “ I’ll give you something to laugh about.” Michael stepped forward his fingers wiggling.

“No..” Priscilla ceased her hysterics. She scrambled backwards. “Mike, c’mon. I’m sorry! You know, I don’t like to be - wah!” Michael pounced on her and they fell, Priscilla squirming underneath him as he ran his fingers over her stomach, causing her to laugh insanely. “Mikey! Stoooop it - Ah hahaha!”

He smiled gently as she latched onto his hands to prevent him from continuing. For a moment, he simply held them, admiring how they fit perfectly in his. Priscilla sighed, sagging against the ground and blinked up at him, brown eyes alight and twinkling. Staring at her, Michael felt as if he had been hit with an anvil, realization suddenly dawning on him. All this time the person he loved was right in front of his eyes. He had been blinded.

Out of nowhere, a strange, but delicious scent consumed him the more closer he drew to her.

“You smell... nice...” he said so softly that she had to lean in to hear it.

“Thanks.” she replied, a red tint staining her cheeks. “Um.. You do too.”

Priscilla grew nervous, heart pumping and butterflies flying through her stomach as he bent closer, his hands still grasping hers. She gave them a slight squeeze, but his gaze remained on her and it proved to be unsettling.

“Are you alright?” she asked quietly.

Michael abruptly cut her off. “What do you smell?”

“You. I mean, you’re like right in my space.” she replied in all honesty, eyebrows raised. “Why?“

He persisted. “What is it?”

“Er - what I smelt before, but it’s much more intensified.” she stated, matter of factly. “Are you wearing some special - “


Priscilla pondered over the name, completely clueless. “Nice name for a cologne.” she said. “Who’s the maker? I should buy one for my - “

“Oy,” Michael rolled his eyes in annoyance. “You really should pay attention more in Potions class.” he shook his head. “I have no clue how you got sorted into Ravenclaw.”

“Yeah... me too.” she shrugged. “But, I still don’t get it.”

Michael sighed, “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion. It has a different aroma to everyone who smells it.” he gave her a pointed look. “It reminds each person of the things that they find attractive...”

“So that smell in the air was Amortentia? And you smell of it because I - ohhh!” she looked at him. “You don’t - I didn’t mean. You see, when things like this happen I have no idea how to -“

In one swift movement, Michael swept forward and captured her lips, silencing any babbling that came to follow.


The next morning Professor Rigby strode to her ingredient supply closet with an expectant Filch by her side and unlocked the door. She pushed it open, revealing Priscilla resting peacefully against Michael who was leaned against the wall, his face pressed against her hair.

“I told you.” Professor Rigby stated, planting her hands on her hips and thrusting her hand towards him. “Cough it up.”

Grumbling beneath his breath, Filch rummaged into his pockets and produced a few precious gold coin, dumping them into the Potions Master’s palm. “That’s the last time I ever bet on anything with you.”

“Well, you still owe me for Ravenclaw Quidditch match...” she reminded with a smirk and watched the old caretaker take off.
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Amazing job, everyone!! Completed thus far by:



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