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 Creative Creatures

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Retired Deputy Head : 5th year
Retired Deputy Head : 5th year

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PostSubject: Creative Creatures   Fri Jun 08 2007, 11:00

Creative Creatures

This class is a bit of a departure from the normal CoMC lessons, however it will challenge your creativity and test your writing skills.

Choose up to five creatures from the list below, and then write EITHER a drabble OR a poem about each creature chosen. You can choose simply to describe the creature (not like a textbook description, however), or relate an encounter someone has, or something of your own making. Be as creative as possible.

Requirements: Each drabble must be 100 words long (+/- 10% either way)
Each poem must be at least 10 lines long

There will be 15 points available for each drabble/poem.

BONUS: Find a picture of each creature (5 points per picture found)

Total possible points: 100

List of Creatures

Blast-ended Skrewt
Cornish Pixie

Remember to cite all sources, and no copy/pasting!

Completed thus far by:

RhiannonMei: 45


Gemma-Cullen_Malfoy: 45
drkangelcat: 45
Raistlin the Wizard: 45

Dancingsunset: 30
beautifulbookworm: 30
Ginny13: 28
dragonweaver: 45
MarieC: 45

Elana: 45
stephy: 30
Rigby Dumbledore: 45
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1st Year
1st Year

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House : Hufflepuff don't judge us we're still badgers grrr...
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5 / 7005 / 700

PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Tue Jun 12 2007, 10:23

Close your eyes
it comes by fast
don't make your future
become your past

it yellow hating
evil eyes
become it's world
truth to lies

one look
at it's head
turns you from alive
to dead

Your worst fear
from hidden places
takes the shape
of enemy faces

it's true shape
not one to know
yet if you fear white
it becomes the snow

yet one word changes it
to funny from dangerous
the one word four syllables long

A fire breathing monster
at home in the sky
if you get on it's bad side
you'll surely die

Hide stronger than anything
scales tough as nails
Such a magical creature
uneffected by spells

pretending is it's game
but Dragon is it's name.

Riddles it speaks
not making sense
either speaking in future
or past tense

long stories it tells
it'll repeat only once
you better get it right
you stupid dunce

don't try to lie
or you die

An omen of death?
or a friend in the sky,
you can only see it
if you've seen someone die

their skin is silky
yet dark as night
their powerful bodies
ready to put up a fight

Milky white eyes
like a minature moon
their not afraid
to come out during noon
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1st Year
1st Year

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House : Gryffindor
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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Tue Jun 12 2007, 11:45


I didn't say "I told you so"
When he came
Back from fighting
His eternal foe.

With beady eyes
Eight in all
Its many legs
Caused my love to fall.

Fighting on,
My love did slew*
That beast with his sword
Of Gryffindor true.

*It's a word! lol


All pure white
With its shining horn,
I was lucky to meet
The unicorn.

Touched only by females
That magic horse of stories
Brings joy to the innocent
And wipes away all worries.

The young ones gleam of gold,
That color of burnished sun
And yet when they grow old,
With the color silver they run.


Once there was Uric the Oddball
Who tried, and failed, to prove
That the fwooper did not cause insanity
With its song, hearts were moved.

The fwooper was his constant companion
For numerous days on end
Though its song drove him to madness
To the Wizards' Council, Uric went.

Oh beautiful, magnificent bird
Your plumage, so bright, so lively
Either orange, pink, lime green, or yellow,
You must be cared for wisely.


Searching for treasure
Day and night
Gold you may find
What a beautiful sight!

With fluffy black fur
And a very long snout
When you find glittery things
All your owners shout.

The sweet disposition
That all nifflers possess
Can be inconsequential
When you leave houses a mess!


It was time to make a potion
That makes drinkers fall in love.
Ashwinder eggs were needed
But I had none above.

I walked to my fireplace
"Incendio!' I said.
Then I left my house to walk
And wait while I read.

When I got back
To my untended fire
An ashy trail I followed
To my ancient lyre!

The ashwinder lay there,
Had burning red eyes,
And then lay its eggs
Before it crumbled and died.

I froze them immediately
So things didn't alight
And dropped them in my potion
Ah, sweet delight!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Last edited by on Thu Jun 14 2007, 08:36; edited 2 times in total
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5th Year
5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Wed Jun 13 2007, 13:13

Hope you like them Mostly rubbish but I should get points for trying, right? I had waaaay too much fun with this XD


Hidden in the forest
You find the noble centaurs.
There they test
The stars, looking near and looking far
For messages in the sky
That tell of the worlds of beast and men.
Hidden like the centaur, the messages lie
Unseen by those untrained in the art. Then
The centaur may divine from the twinkle of a star
Or from the light of the moon
What shall come to pass in the future far
Or happen very soon.
If you treat them with respect
You may hear what you have come to get.

Cornish Pixie

Pixie, pixie, pixie,
With your horrid laugh and voice so squeaky
Why do you delight in vexing me?
Why can’t you just live meekly?
Mischief is your middle name
You never stop with your tricks.
Why was it that you came?
To my door whose lock you picked
Flitting inside, crazed eyes all wide,
You taunted my dog, knocked over my things,
And over the chaos you did merrily glide-
I did not think that would be what the day would bring!
So please, if you will, before you break another dish
Go! Be gone! Vanish!


The full moon glows,
Howls are heard in the darkness of night,
To your children you go
To reassure them, no need to worry about a bite.
But outside wanders an uncontrollable beast,
Running on all fours, this creature of legend,
Who on your children would love to feast,
Has yet to meet its end.
And so in bed you lie awake,
Breathing fast, wand in reach,
Wondering what turn this night will take
If the protections of your home he does breach.
A restless night for all, the werewolf not exempt…
Over the fence he leapt.


Graceful as a blade of grass swaying in the wind,
Hazardous as the stormy sky,
The riddles she rhymes to make your mind twist and bend,
Do not try and get away with a lie…
The sphinx awaits a challenger.
Her tail moves restlessly on the sand,
Eyes never straying from where someone could enter,
She waits as shadows move across the land,
Impatience growing, a low growl escapes,
She lies down, but still ready to attack,
All to please her is a question, that’s all it takes.
An opponent, she hopes, this day will not lack.
But as the sun moves higher in the sky,
No one yet has come to ask her “why?”


Pet of the mermaid,
Demon of the sea,
I believe you’re going to make me delayed.
I need to go, please let me be!
Let go of my ankle, or your fragile fingers
That are wrapped around it I will break,
For I really do not care to linger.
My remarks may seem rude, but this trip into the lake
Was quite a blunder of mine.
Do let me go, I beg of thee,
If you do I shall be more kind,
I only wish to be free!
Ah! Why, thank you,
I see you have to run off, too.

Source: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Last edited by on Mon Jul 16 2007, 08:06; edited 1 time in total
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View user profile http://theunlockedcloset.moonfruit.com/
Head Girl : 5th Year : Death Eater
Head Girl : 5th Year : Death Eater

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-06-03
Number of posts : 30328
Age : 27
Location : At the Cullen's house stealing Jasper
Real First Name : Stephanie, Polly calls me Stephums, Kim calls me Steffie and among others Im either mommy or granny
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House : ravenclaw
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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Fri Jun 15 2007, 19:36

Get an egg from a chicken
which you find in a kitchen
and under any one toad it goes
which results a beast you can feed to your foes
a Parselmouth be you must
to control the beast you lust
you might be surprised at first sight
to control a beast of great hieght
the King of Serpents it is known
for it is like a snake overgrown
with very dangerous powers
and almost as tall as a tower
You will not find this beast
out having a feast
For if you look onto its face
your shoes will no longer again be lace

Look around your house
not for a mouse
but a black fairy
that is quite hairy
A closer look you shall take
and you will see that the fairys a fake
because a Doxy it is to be
not like a fairy but more like a flea
watch out for it's bite
with all of your might
because poison, has it
so avoid a hit
instead give it a spray
which paralyses, it may
then you throw it away
and hope that it wont find your hay

A brown worm you will find
of which you must keep in mind
A Flobberworm that you have found
In a damp place or somewhere around
Interesting they are not
Not even near a pot
One end is the same as the other
So don’t even bother
To care for a pest
That when put to the test
It will not do anything
How I wish it would do something
So instead I feed it
Trying not to call it a git
Would you like one
Or even a ton

Look in the cupboard
Or under a skateboard
But do not yell
If you fell
From the sight
Even if it might
Scream and shout
When it’s about
For it took the shape
Of a roll of tape

Watch out or get back
If you see smoke that is black
It might be a dragon
Not a flagon
That had caught on fire
A bunch of tires
Watch the skies above
For your own true love
Might be carried away from you
Even if you might have the flu

almost forgot
fanstatic beast and where to find them- the book
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1st Year
1st Year

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Real First Name : Jackie
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House : Hufflepuff
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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Fri Jun 29 2007, 11:19

It hides from its victims
under the bed
inside a closet
it likes the dark
and stays from the light
It shows what you fear
taking it's form
how to stop it?
you simply imagine
and wave your wand

Don't cross with this creature
Tall and large
claws and sharp teeth
it'll tear you limb from limb
or roast you to a crisp
from a shell of an egg
its as harmless as can be
but as it gets older
the more viscious it becomes
so do not be fooled
by this magnificent animal

Can you see it?
It pulls the carriages along the way
not the prettiest of creatures
only those who have seen death
have the power to see it
They can take you to any place you dream
just simply close you eyes and hold on
for the moment you say the word
the flight of your destination
will appear in a snap

An impossibly large snake
Yellow glowing eyes
a fork shaped tongue
there is more to this
fearsome creature
A reflected surface will help
if you really want to catch a glimpse
or otherwise you'll fall back
lifeless and hallow
that's the power of the
Basilik snake

On a full moon's night
a howl can be heard
half man, half animal
the transformation takes place
whether you want it or not
One bite
you will become this creature
One night
you will roam the woods
One time
is enough to wish you could die
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Arts Professor : 4th Year : Muffin - dominating worlds near you!
Arts Professor : 4th Year : Muffin - dominating worlds near you!

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Sun Jul 01 2007, 15:27


Fear me, children, fear me much,
for I am one of those
creatures always haunting you
if once you came to close.

Fear me, children, fear me much,
for I am one of those
creatures you won't recognise
for from your fears I rose.

Fear me, children, fear me much,
for I am one of those
nightmares you will always know
if the right one I chose.

Fear me, children, fear me much,
for I am always here,
and if you try to fight me once,
you'll fight your strongest fear.


One part of me horse,
one part of me man,
found in darkest woods,
though under no ban.

I lurk, mysterious,
that I like to be,
nor Muggle nor man
I want close to me.

I rather watch planets,
read signs of the stars,
they tell me the future,
from Venus to Mars.

The seen I observe,
do not take a side,
whatever unfolds,
I continuously hide.


You should know to respect me,
look at me and bow,
I might bow down as well then,
you can come closer now.

If you know to respect me,
stroke me and hop on,
but have I not been tamed yet
your flesh might soon be gone.

If you've shown you respect me,
tamed me careful enough,
I might become a good friend,
even though I look rough.


Bred once by a wizard,
sometimes used to breed new,
still love to be violent,
sting venom into you.

The body a lion,
like a human the head,
but if you come to close,
I'll make sure soon you're dead.

My speech just so perfect,
my existence sentient,
just don't try to go near me,
as you might near your end.

My skin charm-resistant,
my sense once to guard,
yet if I ever sense you,
venom will stop your heart.


Born golden as sunlight,
growing silver as moon,
my horn often treasured,
I am sought after soon.

Seven, I'll be glowing
whiter than purest snow,
a pearly, waving mane,
trust in women I show.

My magic a power,
my innocence a bane,
to live I am slaughtered,
but one will not be sane.

You may use my tail hair
or my horn, yet no blood:
If you dare doing so,
with fault you'll be flood.

I couldn't get the pictures to show up, so I'll just post the links. I hope that's okay!
Boggart (probably its most famous shape): http://www.hp-lexicon.org/images/lf/boggartsnape.jpg
Centaur: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/images/chapters/op/c27--the-centaur-and-the-snake.jpg
Hippogriff: http://www.bbc.co.uk/norfolk/content/images/2004/11/19/buckbeak_250_250x300.jpg
Manticore: http://www.pojo.com/harrypotter/ccg/CSCardImages/Manticore.jpg
Unicorn: http://www.sqpn.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/shp16b_unicorn.jpg
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1st Year

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Sun Jul 15 2007, 17:36

My eyes bring death
My venom brings pain
I am a chicken egg hatched under a toad
My venom brings pain
I am a chicken egg hatched under a toad
I am the true king of reptiles
Only a parslmouth's voice can control me
I live for what seems like for ever
No wizard can defet me
I am belived extinct
I am a foul beast
I am a Basilisk

My shape is unknown
I become your worst fear
A simple spell can repel me
It will turn me into something truly funny
All you have to do to find me is to turn the knob on the wardrobe
Weather I am Snape in yourr grandmothers clothes
Or I am an evil dementor
You will never know until you turn the knob on the wardrobe
You may just die of fright
I am a Boggart

I am human
But I am Horse
I am intelligent
I am capeable of speech
I choose to be a beast
I am independent
I am proud
I am wrapped in mystery
I deserve respect
I am a Centuar

I am human
But I am lion
I come from egypt
I am a guard
I guard things big or small
I speak in riddles
I am intelligent
I am not dangoures
Unless what I am guarding is at risk
I am a Sphinx

I am blind to most
Unless you have seen a death
I am black and scaly
I am gentle
But feirce
I am a good friend
Or I am an Omen of death
I am strong and ready to fight
I am very loyal
I am a Threstral
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2nd Year

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PostSubject: Magical Creatures   Fri Jul 20 2007, 00:33

oops, had to edit it cause I didn't read the instructions carefully & put extra information
but I just added a bit 'drabble' into my drabbles... Hope it still counts
although I don't really understand how you describe something without using textbook descriptions...


Basilisks are considered 'dark' creatures since it has deadly ways of killing it's prey. One direct look from it can kill it's prey. Also its fangs are extremely poisonous with almost no cure. A basilisk can be only hatched from a chicken egg under a toad which makes it rare. They can live up to 900 years, and are similar to a dragon so that simple smells can not harm it. Even though this snake is considered 'the King of Serpents' it sheds it skin like any ordinary snake. But other then that, this royal snake should be avoided, especially the long saber-like teeth and the deadly yellow eyes

As I walked into the Hufflepuff common room, I heard whispers of conversation how Harry Potter slayed a real live basilisk! It seemed like 1/2 of them believed the story while the other 1/2 didn't. I wasn't sure what side to be on. I knew Harry actually fought You-Know-Who during his first year, but a basilisk sounds scarier even compared to You-Know-Who! Especially after seeing so much people ending up int the hospital wing. I hope he'll be alright.

<center><embed src="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/fanart/picture/swf/273" width="202" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></center>


Boggarts are shape -shifting creatures that feed off your fear hence making it a 'dark' creature. If a person encounters one, these shape changing creature will change into your worst fear, hence making you shivering in fright unless you cast the Riddikulus spell on it, which turns your worst fear into something funny. These creatures like to hide in dark places like closets and drawers. No one really knows the orignial shape of this creature, although 'Mad -Eye' Moody once saw one with his magical eye. Muggle children call them 'monster under the bed' since they do like dark place. But wizards and witches can send away this fearsome creature and make it look ridiculous.

Today Lupin taught us the Riddikulus charm in Defense Agains Dark Arts. I still shudder in fright as I remember the dead corpse of my parents. Yes I'm an orphan and I saw my parents die. When I used Riddikulus, they turned into puppets. Lupin gave me some chocolate (and a weird pity look) and told me to sit down. I think some of the Hufflepuffs are scared of me, after all the most scary boggart was mine, although some girls fainted after seeing Susan's clown...

<center><embed src="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/fanart/picture/swf/1570" width="202" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></center>


Goblins are considered 'smarter' then any other magical being. Even though goblins are highly intelligent beings, some people still consider them as the same status as house elves hence the water fountain in the Ministry. Goblins are short dark-skinned creatures with elf like qualities like pointy ears and pointy hats. Sometimes this little being has mustaches, slanted eyes and long finger and toes. These creatures that speak Gobbledegook have worked with the humans like in banks, but that only came after their fights against the biased people who still may or may not think they are inferior. But these ‘light’ creatures also run the famous Gringotts near Leaky Cauldron and seemed to have won a place alongside or near humans.

Today I went to my vault to get some money to go school supply shoping. Those carts are so fast, kind of like a Muggle rollercoaster. I asked the goblin to slow down but he said 'one speed only' I don't believe him, I think he's just like to scare people. Not that I'm prejudice against them, they do work in the bank like any human and seem pretty smart. But I really wish they'll slow down and stop peering at me which is quite unnerving especially since they're shorter...

<center><embed src="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/fanart/picture/swf/2130" width="202" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></center>


Hippogriffs are like horses in the muggle world, except they can fly and look slightly different. An average hippogriff has a body of a horse while a head, forelegs and wings of a giant eagle. The wingspan is about 24 feet and the color of their coat is similar to a horse. They are carnivorous and eat ferrets and other rat like animals. To approach a hippogriff, you have to look at it in the eye and bow. If it bows back, it means it is giving permission to you to ride and touch it. Like horses, if they are wild or not treated correctly, they may be startled and attack.

Today I heard Malfoy got attacked my a Hippogriff. That idiot. I bet he was trying to show off again and didn't remember to bow. I did that during class and I got to pet it. Although some girls kept complaining about the smell. And I also heard that Potter got to actually ride one of them! I wished I could too, but I didn't have the nerve to ask. Maybe next time or during free period I guess...

<center><embed src="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/fanart/picture/swf/1348" width="202" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></center>


Thestrals are most commonly known to pull the carriages for students at Hogwarts. Most people thought the carriages were ‘horseless’ because Thestrals can be only seem by people who had seen death. They are big winged horses with dragonish features but a skeletal body with white eyes. They are attracted to blood and eat meat. It is a superstition that seeing them is bad luck, but they are just like regular creatures but only can be seen by specific people. They have a very good of direction and fly really fast, as seen in OP, Harry and his friends flew to the ministry on them to rescue Sirius.

People can't see the thestrals and I think they are lucky. (And they think the carriages are horseless) Not that I'm superstitious or anything, it's just that if they can't see them, they are lucky to not have seen death. I think they (the thestrals) are cool creatures. They are kind of creepy (esp. the body part) but they just seem like a different kind of horse.Well except they like blood, can fly and eat meat. All in all, I think they are exotic creatures!

<center><embed src="http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/fanart/picture/swf/1264" width="202" height="266" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></center>

whoa that took really really long..but i enjoyed learning about the creatures
hmm..i guess i answered my own question on why everyone only wrote poems...;]

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Wed Aug 01 2007, 18:54

I slither along the way, inch by inch, slowly, carefully. You cannot hear me, you cannot understand me. The soft hissing noise is too low for your ears, but the sounds of the footsteps you make reach mines, and I am on my way. You cannot hide for I can hear you, you cannot run for I am faster. Fear me if you are wise, for I am stronger and more powerful than you are. Fight me if you are a fool, for you cannot possibly defeat me. And now, just look into my eyes, everything will be all right.

Come to me little child, I have a quest for you. Simple riddle, easy question, can you find the answer? Take your time, I have all of mine, there is no hurry to this short task. Look into your mind, what you seek is surely there. Think, reflect, search and ponder, can’t you come a little closer? I am not a threat if your brain works properly, a one small answer, that’s all it takes. Meditate, muse, contemplate, and hurry before it is too late. Is that your final answer? Are you certain? Well in this case, dinner is served.

Oh won’t you look at me, aren’t I pretty with all those colors on my body? Light yellow, bright pink, shining orange and mossy green, flashing purple and brilliant blue, purest white and deepest red. But don’t just look, you can listen to the soft melody I like to sing. Slow and low to fast and high, don’t turn away, just hear my cry. Do not worry, it will do no wrong, just sit still it won’t be long. There is no pain, there is no fear, listen calmly to my voice so clear. Insanity is a small price to pay, the fwooper’s song has made your day.

I am not mean, I am harmless, and yet I am feared. Not for who am I, but for what I mean. Most will not see me, and those people are lucky. Only unfortunate ones will be able to notice my presence. Superstitions lead my way, making me one of many fears, for I supposedly bring bad luck, a bad omen to those who are near. I do admit that my appearance, skeletal body and dragonish face, do not inspire much confidence from the few who see me. However do not fear – death brings me to your eyes, but I do not bring death.

For my beauty I am admired, for my magic I am prized. Powerful and strong, catch me if you can. Brightest of gold, sparkly silver, purest of white as I grow older. My hair you can steal, my horn you can take, but do not touch my blood for it brings a most horrible fate. Women come closer, men stay away, I’d rather have a feminine touch on me today. A creature as innocent as me you should not kill, be afraid of what awaits you if you try still. And yet now from your hands I have been harmed; tell me, are you ready to be damned?

Sources: HP Lexicon
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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Wed Aug 01 2007, 22:07

Okay these are horrible…I know, but I tried lol. I described them while having a little bit other with them lol.


Hagrid walked into the forest, carrying a dead deer, like he did every other night. Aragog and the young ones were waiting for their dinner. It wasn’t safe for him to care for them, but his soft, loving heart couldn’t bare letting them starve.

He neared the acromantula home he laid the deer on the ground and the spider, which had leg span of fifteen feet, came out from the shadows and bit into the deer with it’s poisonous fangs.

Once it got it’s fill it looked at Hagrid and spoke, “Thank you friend.”

Hagrid smiled and then walked back.


Many students stared at disbelief at the new professor before them. He had the upper half of a normal man, which was bare and would make the females student giggle in admiration if not for the other half of him, and the lower half was that of a golden-colored horse.

A student timidly asked, “Are you really a centaur?”

The professor chuckled and answered. “Yes I am.” He then addressed the whole class. “I am Professor Firenze your new Divination instructor and yes I am half human and half horse and no I do not know how to speak horse.”



Charlie turned his head and waved at his friend, “Hey Steve” His eyes then glanced to a cage in his mate’s arms. He smirked and asked, “What you got for me today?”

“An abandoned egg; Danny told me to bring it to you so you can identify it.”

“Be glad to. It’s Antipodean, either Opaleye or Fierem. We will have to wait till it hatches.”

They sat and waited patiently. A dragon with shimmering, pearly scales, and glittering eyes eventually emerged from the egg. Charlie beamed and said, “An Antipodean Opaleye.”

“Thanks,” Steve said before leaving with the dragon.

(Yes I made up the Antipodean Fierem, but it was essential to the drabble to have two Antipodean dragon breeds)


Lucius Malfoy stood by his Gringotts in pure anger as the short, dark-skinned creatures took his belongings to the nearby boat.

“We thank you kindly Mr. Malfoy,” the pathetic, rag-wearing man next to him spoke in an annoying voice.

Lucius looked away from him, his nose in the air. He didn’t want his belongings going to charity, but was ordered by the ministry thanks to a suggestion by Potter.

“That’s the last of it,” the goblin with the pointed nose and bald head spoke.

Lucius nearly wanted to cry at the thought he was almost as poor as the Weasleys.

Sirius, James, and Peter waited in the Shrieking shack, transformed into their animagus forms, for their dear friend Remus to transform into his dreadful lycanthrope form. They guarded the exits, well Sirius and James did and Peter just sat on a shelf, so when they lycanthropy took over their friend they could keep him from leaving. Remus was keeping his werewolf curse secret, so he was not able to get wolfsbane regularly. His body would stretch into the werewolf shape, his human features would disappear, and he would then look wolf-like and eventually would lose all mind control and common sense.

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Mon Aug 06 2007, 12:05


Ron and Hermione were on vacations together.

- Hermione?

- Yes?

- Did you see that? I could swear I just saw two red glowing eyes in the fire.

- What?! ‘Asked Hermione alarmed.’ Ron quickly, we need to find it! Hermione said visibly worried.

- Find what?

- An ash-grey-looking serpent, hurry!

Ron and Hermione searched the whole house but only found a recent pile of ashes.

- We need to get of the house!

- Huh?

- NOW!

As soon as they left the house it went on fire.

- What the in the Merlin’s beard was that?

- Ashwinder eggs, they can set a building on fire.



We are young

They are old!

We are reckless

They know better!

Time and space

Enigmas for us

Common knowledge

For their kind

We take action

They take no sides.

We shall disappear

While they will last!



Wicked we’re lead to believe!

Mistaken we don’t seem to be.

Mischievousness on their eyes

Cunningness in their minds

For a long time

Underappreciated were they

For a long time they have tolerated

The day will come

When they will overcome

Our unfair

And arrogant rules

And so we will be subdued!



Bill Weasley was called to Gringotts. Along with some Goblins he entered an old chamber and suddenly they heard a noise and to their dismay an amazing creature appeared in front of him, human-like head, lion’s body, tail of a scorpion, enormous wings, spikes along its back and three fangs below its chin.

The creature looking vicious said:

- You shouldn’t have done that.

With a quick tail move the Manticore hit two Goblins that instantly dropped dead. Bill and the Goblins tried to curse the creature but every spell seemed to be repelled.

- Fools!

While escaping, Bill caught a glimpse of the Manticore swallowing a Goblin’s body entirely in one piece.



Half Human

Half Beast

Twisted by the Moonlight

Tormented at Daylight

Forever Haunted

Destined to Haunt

Desire to die

Crave for the Kill

In his blood the Curse

Through his bite the Plague

Forever chasing a cure

And always finding Dispair.



Sources: HP-Lexicon

A Decade of Magical Moments

Other titles:
Slytherin Head of House
Astronomy Professor

Student rank: 1st Year (#45)

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Troll Encounter

I was crossing over a bridge one day,
On the way to visit a dear friend,
When suddenly an angry voice cried,
"Give me your gold or meet your end!"

Peering down through the cracks,
I spied a greedy, filthy troll.
I clutched my purse tighter,
and forced my eyes not to roll.

"I though trolls didn't hide under bridges anymore!"
Said I in a querulous and sharp tone.
He merely grunted and held out one grubby hand,
But I refused to even a penny loan.

He roared and screamed, shaking the bridge.
All his attempted robbery was making me late.
Pulling out my wand, I cursed the ugly troll,
Laughing now, I turned on my heal, ready to apparate.

He snatched at me, but I was gone,
leaving him to his inglorious defeat.
Trolls may be big, smelly and scary,
but a clever witch can't be beat!


I never saw a thestral,
Of this I cannot lie,
No I never saw a thestral,
Until I saw Voldy die.

Never has a creature,
been such a glorious sight!
No other creature,
brings such delight!

For in seeing the thestral,
and it's shiny white eyes,
I knew in my heart,
the truth of Voldy's demise.

Harold the Niffler

I went to the beach
Niffler in hand
Searching for lost treasure
hidden under the sand

I set him loose
and he began to dig
unearthing shiny gold
and one platinum wig

Bottle caps flew,
so did gleaming shells,
but sight of diamonds
set off warning bells

I scooped them up,
tucking them out of sight,
Glancing around uneasily,
I began to plan our flight.

Curious eyes watched,
and a woman cried, "Rat!"
A little boy cried,
"What is that?"

Relief washed over me,
they had not seen!
They thought a niffler a rodent,
and found him quite obscene.

Grabbing gentle Harold,
which was his name,
I glared at the muggles,
forcing them to feel shame.

We left the beach,
my fluffy beau and I
Transfiguring him back
In the blink of an eye.

Niffler or human,
It doesn't matter.
Poor or rich,
I choose the latter.


I came upon a crossroads, and there was a sphinx. I at first tried to slip past, but it's huge lion paw smacked me to the ground.
"Answer this, puny mortal. What is black and white and read all over?"
I gulped.
"Uhhh, is that red or read?"
The sphinx frowned.
"Read or Read? What do you mean by your question? Are you trying to trick me?" it asked.
"Fine! If it's black and white and read all over it's a newspaper. If it's black and white and RED all over, than it's still a newspaper, but it's been soaked in red wine." I have to admit, I felt pretty full of myself.
But even though I was right, she still ate me. Now I haunt the crossroads, yelling out jokes. The sphinx love a good riddle, but they hate jokes. No sense of humor!

My Very Own Remus

It's a full moon
and I shouldn't be out
The bone chilling howls
fill my heart with doubt
Still I continue my quest
I want my very own Remus
But not every werewolf is kind
and of course I know this
To find my perfect mate
to my dreams I must give chase
but I have a silver bullet
....just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Tue Aug 07 2007, 06:16

Well done to everyone who participated, your drabbles/poems were great to read! Your points are below:

RhiannonMei: 45

Gemma-Cullen_Malfoy: 45
drkangelcat: 45
Raistlin the Wizard: 45

Dancingsunset: 30
beautifulbookworm: 30
Ginny13: 28
dragonweaver: 45
MarieC: 45

Elana: 45
stephy: 30
Rigby Dumbledore: 45

You may continue to post your class submissions below!
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Mundungus sighed, looking inside his jacket at one of his dozens of watches for the time. He felt like he’d been waiting forever. Earlier, he had thrown some floo powder into the fireplace and camped out around the corner to wait. Finally, he saw two red eyes staring out of the fire. The Ashwinder traveled to the corner to lay its eggs. Mundungus waited for it to turn to dust and then hurried to the pile of eggs. “Ah, 100 galleons each to the right buyer,” he chuckled, as he hit them with a freezing charm and placed them in a bag.

WC 102


The first year students each grabbed a head of lettuce and walked toward the ditch running along the edge of Hagrid’s yard. It was time to feed the Flobberworms again.

“Grossest creatures known to wizard kind,” thought Tabitha as she peeked into the dirt.

Sensing it was feeding time; the soft earth came to life with the giant slimy worms.

“Ugh,” groaned Tabitha, as she chucked her whole head of lettuce in and backed away, plugging her nose.

“Run out of lettuce already, did you?” asked Hagrid as he came up behind her.

“They must really like you. Here, there’s plenty left.”

WC 102


Four-year-old Neville Longbottom was lying in bed with his covers pulled up to his nose. His wide-open eyes were the only things his uncle Algie could see when he peeked in to check on him.

“Neville, why aren’t you asleep”

“Could you check for Boggarts again? Please?”

Algie sighed as he came into the bedroom.

“I told you, there aren’t any in here,” Algie said, as he looked under the bed. “What are you so afraid of anyway? What do you think it will turn into?” asked Algie.

“Grandma,” Neville whispered, and ducked under the covers.

Algie chuckled as he left the room.

WC 103

since we don't know what they look like, I put a picture of his grandma:


The full moon was bright in the night sky, as Sirius and Buckbeak flew over the dark forest.

“That’s a good Hippogriff,” said Sirius as he patted Buckbeak’s eagle neck. “Look, there she is.”

Spotting their target, Buckbeak started a swift dive. Grinning, Sirius saw a startled Bellatrix sense something above her.

“Too late you old witch,” snarled Sirius as Buckbeak’s claws grabbed for Bellatrix. Silently aiming a disarming spell, Sirius laughed as she was lifted from the ground.

“Maybe we can drop her into an active volcano, huh Buckbeak?”

Suddenly, Sirius woke up, sorely disappointed that it had been a dream.

WC 102


The new litter of Nifflers sniffed happily around in their pen, as witches and wizards walked by. It was a lovely day on Diagon Alley, and Mundungus Fletcher had set up a little stand just down one of the side streets.

“Got a new bunch of Nifflers here. Loveable little things. Great for finding lost valuables. Take one on a treasure hunt. Yours for the asking at only 25 galleons a piece,” announced Mundungus to the passersby.

All of a sudden, he noticed some magical law enforcement wizards down the street.

“And me without a permit, let’s go my beauties,” he muttered as he prepared to dissapperate.

WC 107

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PostSubject: Re: Creative Creatures   Sun Feb 13 2011, 18:59

Well done to Samantha Granger for completing this class with 85 points in her pocket! Exceed Expectations

You may continue to post your class responses below!
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