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 [DUELLING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 2

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Raistlin The Wizard
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-07-26
Number of posts : 11477
Age : 30
Location : In the mad house!
Real First Name : Lost in the mists of time...
Warning :
3 / 33 / 3

House : Slytherin!
Crest :
Wand : Exam not taken
Award Bar :
700 / 700700 / 700

PostSubject: [DUELLING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 2   Mon Jun 19 2017, 15:54

Round 1

Welcome to the second round of the Duelling Tournament! Here's your scenario:

A -
Gargoyles who shoot jets of ice spells
B - Bridges
C - Deep pits
D - You
E - Opponent (Dummy of 'A' level)

Your goal is to reach the dummy and defeat it. The dummy has an "Amateur" level so it shouldn't be too difficult to defeat for qualified students. However, you have to reach it avoiding the body binding spells being thrown at you, and if you have a borrowed wand everything is even more difficult. Be smart, be creative and survive!


- If you have not passed your wand exam you may RPG with a school borrowed want, but beware, borrowed wands don't work as well as your own wand
- Apparation and Animagus transfiguration are restricted only to those who passed their exams


- When you're done and ready to move on to another round, and if you're the first one to finish this round, go to the [url=https://www.thehogwartsexperience.com/t15691-tournaments-year-12-instructions-sign-ups-round-requests[/url] to request the next round to be opened.

ATTENTION: Once you post your entry, you may be scored at any given time. Only post them when you're happy with it and you're ready to go to the next round.


  • Minimum word count of 500 words - 12,5 pts
  • Spelling & Grammar - 12,5 pts
  • Strategic Thinking - 25 pts
  • Use of Magic - 25 pts
  • Use of the Scenario given - 25 pts

HousePoints per Round:
1st Place
1,000 HP
2nd Place
850 HP
3rd Place
750 HP
4th Place
650 HP
600 HP

Good luck everyone!

A Decade of Magical Moments

Other titles:
Slytherin Head of House
Astronomy Professor

Student rank: 1st Year (#45)

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Head Girl : 2nd Year
Head Girl : 2nd Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2011-11-26
Number of posts : 375
Age : 28
Location : Leeds, West Yorkshire, England!
Real First Name : Natalie
Warning :
0 / 30 / 3

House : Ravenclaw!
Crest :
Wand : Redwood & Dragon Heartstring, 7˝, Flexible
Award Bar :
37 / 70037 / 700

PostSubject: Re: [DUELLING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 2   Wed Jun 28 2017, 10:27

Oh MY DAYS! I had made it to the second round this year. Fab. I was super excited as I opened the door to the dueling tournament on a wet Wednesday afternoon. Today I had had a free period and the dueling tournament had been opened in the dungeon room so I decided to try my luck.

I stood there taking it all in. Gargoyles in each corner. Didn't know what they would be shooting but I'm sure, from experience, that it would not be pleasant. Ahead of me were 3 bridges over pits again, but this time there was a second pit line beyond the first with 2 bridges. Hmmm...maybe some athletic jumping would be involved.

The dummy on the other side of the room animated and raised its hand, I nodded to it signalling I was ready, my redwood wand glistening beautifully in my hand. The dummy raised his wand and a white light appeared at the tip, we bowed and I took my stance.

I wasn't waiting for anyone else to start so instantly I fired a disarming charm at the dummy.
'Expelliarmus' I screamed eyes closed, as if it would give it extra umph. I was instantly thrown back in to the door opening my eyes just in time to hit the back of my head on a metal piece of the door. My head felt hot and I felt blood drip down on to my cheek, great!

White steams of light were coming from all sides, the gargoyles! I sat by the door in a haze but was quickly awoken when my foot felt suddenly very cold.
'OH! Ice spell!' I stood  up as quickly as I could, just as a disarming spell came my way from the dummy. Thankfully, my frozen shoe would not let me stand properly, and by sheer luck I tumbled forwards on to the floor. 'Ah...feck! Who am I kidding?' I thought to myself as I quickly assessed the situation. 'Finite Incantatem' I shot at my foot and the ice quickly melted.

I shot up and turned to retaliate. I was at the edge of the pits now and I saw the dummy poised and ready at the other side. I tried to think. 'Incendio' I shot at the dummy, why not try to set it on fire I thought. It dodged and spun back round to face me and sent a leg locking curse my way. I got low and ran over the nearest bridge as ice spells were also coming at me from all directions. 'Flipendo' I shot at the dummy. This time no matter how it moved, the spell hit it in the body an it was thrown back against the door, wand still in hand. I jumped and celebrated, but momentarily as a ice charm hit my left arm.

I dropped to the floor in agony as the ice burned my hand and was making its way up my arm. I started to shiver violently and could only just mutter a counter spell for it to start reseeding. 'This is madness' I thought as I got up. A flash of yellow light flew at me from the dummy. 'Protego' I squeaked as I fumbled backwards.

A thought suddenly entered my head and I was quick to act! 'Aguamenti' I aimed my wand all over the floor spilling the water I produced everywhere. 'Perfect' I beamed as the gargoyles took their chance of me stood still and shot their ice spells at me. I leapt to my left as the spells hit, a crackling noise filled the room and I found myself sliding on the frozen floor. My plan had worked.

'Woah!' I huffed as the a red stream of red light missed by and inch in front of me and sent my flying on my backside towards the far pit. Grasping desperately at anything to stop myself came to no avail, as my ingenious plan had now backfired and the ground I slid on was smooth. Seeing that I had not aimed at the pits, it was like a deathly drop of ice strait down the side in to the darkness! I closed my eyes and concentrated really hard on the anti-gravity 'Limbo mist' I had learnt about recently in DADA, it was the only thing I could think of to stop me going down, but I couldn't remember the incantation.

To my surprise, and jubilation, I was swept upwards instead of down. I found myself swirling above the pits in a golden haze. The dummy looked at me, obviously not knowing if I was protected. I guess at amateur level, it had basic knowledge of spells, jinxes and counter-jinxes. I tried to stand, but it seems the haze couldn't quite decide which way was up. A white spell or two came my way but the haze seemed to divert them. It was a very strange experience. Not being able to upright myself, I decided to swim and see if that got me anywhere. Thankfully this seemed to work and I slowly floated out of the golden haze.

'Arresto Momentum' I calmly said as I started to get lower out of the haze. As I descended I caught site of the dummy coming nearer to me, readying to take another shot, knowing now that it could. 'Depulso' I barked. The dummy was again flung backwards.

'Incarcerous' I yelled as I hit the ground, just as it was recovering. Ropes spit out of my wand as I walked towards the dummy, determined. The dummies arms were now bound to its body. It struggled for a moment but then looked at me and nodded its head. Its wand dropped to the floor. I nodded too, and bowed.
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[DUELLING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 2
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