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 Year Ranking System

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Raistlin The Wizard
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

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Regist. date : 2006-07-26
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PostSubject: Year Ranking System   Mon Jan 20 2014, 12:52

As of February 2014, the Year Ranking will change. Before your year depended on the amount of posts you had. However, since not all of the areas in HE are related with HE academics, this was a rather unfair system since we couldn't turn off the post count in gaming/discussion areas which had nothing to do with HE. Now your year will depend on the work you put into classes, exams, badges, essays, etc. The following table will be applied to determine your year:

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
5th Year
6th Year*
30050Disillusionment4-------20 per OWL and/or 15 for the exam
7th Year*
40060Occlumency/Legilimancy8-------20 per OWL and/or 15 for the exam
525100----------------------------------720 per OWL and/or 25 per NEWT
--------------Any exams not completed before1616--------------------------
*Optional, please read instructions below.

Now let us analyse what's up above:

Hogwarts Years
1 - Everyone who signs up will be considered a 1st Year.
2 - To move up to 2nd Year you will need to have completed 40 classes, 10 badges and the Wands Examination or 15 Essays.
3 - Essays are optional. They serve for those students who either fail their exams or wish to do essays instead of the exams, OWLs and NEWTs. However, remember that jobs you might want later on will have OWLs and/or NEWTs as requirements so even if you skip them you might have to complete them later on in life.
4 - To become a 6th Year you will need not only classes, badges and an exam but also to complete* OWLs. You can  again write Essays to make up for the lack of an OWL or Exam.
5 - You can only sign up for a certain exam when you reach the corresponding year#.
6 - While becoming a 7th Year follows the same rules as the other years, to graduate, that is to complete your 7th Year you will need to complete* NEWTs. You can  again write Essays to make up for the lack of an OWL and/or Exam and/or NEWT.
7 - Just because you reach all the necessary requirements to graduate it doesn't mean you have to do it. You may wish to complete more OWLs, NEWTs and Exams before you feel you are prepared for the adult life. When you feel you are prepared to graduate let your Head of House know it and they will make the proper arrangements.
8 - YOU are responsible for letting the Admins know how many classes, exams, badges, OWLs, NEWTs and Essays you completed. You can do it so HERE.
9 - You can check how much you have done HERE.
10 - Once you reach the necessary requirements you will move up years and your ranking will be changed.
11 - Exceptions to these rules can be made to students who prove themselves in Events and Tournaments and at the recommendation of a staff member.
12 - Members who registered before February 2014 and that had already completed certain exams are ranked according to how many exams they have done. However, to move up they will need to complete all the necessary requirements as everyone.

*By complete OWLs we mean you will have to complete 4 of the 5 levels required to pass your OWL or NEWT and not the individual tests. For more information, see the OWLs or NEWT forum.
#Members who signed up before February 2014 are exempt from this rule, they will keep the access to the exams they already had access to.

1 - The 6th and 7th Years are not mandatory. Once you complete some OWLs you can wish to leave Hogwarts and move on to adulthood. Some jobs only require OWLs and not NEWTs so you will be fine. However, before you make up your mind make you sure you go to the Ministry and see the requirements for the job you would like to have.

2 - Post-graduate is for those wizards who have already left Hogwarts and curently have and adult life but wish to enrich their education either because they want a new job which ask them some skills they don't or simply because they wish to study more. To do so you only need to go to the proper department in the Ministry of Magic, they have a program for adults.

Any questions or doubts you might have, please feel free to ask them below.

A Decade of Magical Moments

Other titles:
Slytherin Head of House
Astronomy Professor

Student rank: 1st Year (#45)

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Year Ranking System
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