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 DADA Professor Vacancy

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Raistlin The Wizard
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

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PostSubject: DADA Professor Vacancy   Sat Mar 31 2012, 18:06



Due to other commitments, our DADA Professor is taking a step back from professor duties for a while, which leaves an opening for the position.

If you would like to apply for the position, please do so below.

* You must be at least 2nd year to apply
* You must be prepared to create and grade classes regularly
* You must have a fair head ie: you must be able to grade fairly no matter what house you belong to.
* You must have good knowledge of the rules and running of the site and keep to these rules at all time. Professors jobs can not be given to members who break the rules as they are here for the safety and fun of everyone.

If you are already a professor and wish to apply for this position, please mention in the post whether you will want to keep your original position as well as taking on this position.

All members meeting the specifications above can reply to this post in application.

Please give the following;

* A short paragraph on why you want the job and what you believe you can offer to HE
* A class example

Please reply below with your application.

All applications will be reviewed by myself, Rigby, Amy and Elfie and the outcome will be announced shortly. Please note, we can only give one person this job. If you are not accepted for the job at this time, please do not feel disheartened. There will be other oportunities in the future.

A Decade of Magical Moments

Other titles:
Slytherin Head of House
Astronomy Professor

Student rank: 1st Year (#45)

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Hufflepuff Head of House : CoMC & Mythology Professor : 5th Year
Hufflepuff Head of House : CoMC & Mythology Professor : 5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: DADA Professor Vacancy   Fri Apr 20 2012, 13:59

Yes, I would like to keep my old positions as well.

I would love to hold the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor because this has always been one of my favorite subjects created in the Wizarding World, and I have always been fascinated on the vast variety of subjects incorporated under this umbrella, from Dark Creatures to curses to potions and different Dark Wizards throughout time. I’ve also always been very impressed with Daring’s Chamber and how it takes these skills to a whole new level in testing courage, boldness and reactions, which are skills that are often pushed to the side when learning, when, in fact, they would be better off encouraged from the start. If I was Professor of this class, I would start by reorganizing the forum into three Levels (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) as Raistlin has done in the Astronomy Tower and I’ve begun doing in Herbology and Mythology, as I believe this to be a great way not only to get users used to the amount of work necessary for their OWLs and NEWTs but also allows those who are truly interested in the subject to get the proper credit for their hard work and dedication. I would also begin opening up classes about other Dark Wizards (such as Herpo the Foul) and begin more classes focused on specific curses, spells, and plants and creatures used by the Dark Arts. I also think it would be interesting to start a few classes/discussions on the Dark Arts and creatures that may not have roots in the Harry Potter world, such as Black Magic, to allow students a broadened perspective on the Dark Arts that is not just restricted to Harry Potter.

Class Example: Herpo the Foul

Part I: Background Questions

1. What time period did Herpo the Foul live in and where?

2. Explain the etymology behind his name, and also list reasons why he has the reputation he does.

3. List two of his most famous discoveries/inventions.

4. How did Herpo the Foul create a basilisk (process) and how was he able to control it?

5. Herpo the Foul was the first creator of what, which rendered his soul unstable?

(10 points)

Part II: Herpo’s Horcrux

While we know Herpo created a Horcrux, history has not allowed us to know what this Horcrux was. Write a diary entry written by Herpo in which he describes what the Horcrux is, why he created it, what enchantments have been placed on it, and where he intends to hide it. No less than 250 words, and the more creative you are the better!

(30 points)

Part III: Essay Question

There is a great deal of controversy in the Wizarding World over whether or not Herpo is still “alive” whether in body or in spirit, due to the fact that it is unknown whether his Horcrux was ever destroyed and the lack of information over what happens to a Horcrux if its creator dies from natural causes of old age. In no less that 250 words, write an argument in which you choose a side (he’s alive or he’s not alive) giving your opinions for why you think the way you do. The more points your argument has, the better!

(30 points)

Bonus: For ten extra points, include a picture of a basilisk and give a brief description of the qualities and powers it possesses.

List all sources used.


H U F F L E P U F F  P R I D E
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DADA Professor Vacancy
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