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 Enter Hogwarts - A Brand New, All Level RPG

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PostSubject: Enter Hogwarts - A Brand New, All Level RPG   Sat Jun 18 2011, 23:51

May 2, 1998: The Battle of Hogwarts ends. Casualties from both sides rose into a near innumerable amount. As the sun rose to reveal the damage of the nights, the world knew exactly what happened: Harry Potter, the legendary Boy-Who-Lived, defeated the terrible and malicious Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort. The Death Eaters faced trials of treason against the magical community while the Order Members used the following months to mourn the deaths of their loved ones. A time of peace and regrowth began. The Ministry started to rebuild itself from within after the terrible transformation by the Dark Lord. Kingsley Shacklebolt took the position of Minister of Magic and immediately began a reform over the entire infrastructure of the magical world. With his cool head and calm demeanor, Minister Shacklebolt successfully brought about prosperity both to the magical world and the muggle world. After all, the Minister of Magic always held secret liaisons with the muggle Prime Minister. Soon after the last of the Death Eater Trials and the reconstruction of the magical community, homes were built and families were started. The generation that fought against the Dark Lord knew exactly how precious life was and, as a result, caused a modern day baby boom to happen. To commemorate their fallen comrades and remember their lost loved ones: those were the goals of these new age families. Those young school aged children who once feared every whisper of the Dark Lord matured far too quickly due to the war and started a far sterner and serious generation. Love, compassion, and faith were indeed preached to the children, but ambition, strength, and action were preached as well.

End of Summer 2052: In April, Minister Shacklebolt stepped down from his position. The prosperity and peace that ensued because of his reign had taken its toll on Kingsley. Now all he wanted to do was retire and live out the rest of his magical life. As he stepped down from his position, Kingsley named a young master Colin Macnair [nephew of the late Walden Macnair]. Though many still remember his name to be associated with the Death Eaters, Colin has proven himself to be nothing short of loyal to the Ministry and keeping a strict sense of order. Some have questioned his motives for implementing certain policies, but the majority of the magical community seems to approve of his methods. Hogwarts has changed slightly, mostly in the professorial department, but even the alumni inform their children of the wonderful times and friendships that will be formed during the seven year stay. The magical castle, though rebuilt, looks as grand and wonderful as ever. However all times of peace come to an end at some point in time. Some students and citizens are preparing for something to happen. After all, itís been almost fifty five years since the Battle of Hogwarts. With the brand new, and rather young, Minister of Magic in place, many wonder whether a new faction will rise as it did once upon a time; others find such rumors to be full of nothing but falsehood. Who can tell? For now, though, peace continues to reign over the magical community as another school year at Hogwarts begins for the young and the adults continue with their everyday lives. What lay ahead for this calm world can only be seen through time and action.

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Enter Hogwarts - A Brand New, All Level RPG
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