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 25 Random Things About YOU

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Elfie Dumbledore
Retired Headmistress : Mick, Snape, The Doctor and Edward Cullen - the men in my life!!
Retired Headmistress : Mick, Snape, The Doctor and Edward Cullen - the men in my life!!

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-02-21
Number of posts : 15397
Location : In the land where purple snapes walk
Real First Name : Sharon
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House : I didn't retire...I surrendered!
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PostSubject: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 14:03

25 Random Things About YOU

We love randomness here at HE so after seeing a note being passed around (and tagged in many) on facebook, I thought we should have a thread here.

Write 25 completely random things about yourself. That is it! Simple!

Dont forget you can comment on others posts too!


Check out my brand new book blog: http://elfie-books.blogspot.co.uk

My special daughter sent from my special dad in heaven
I will love you forever dad...I miss you more than words can say

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View user profile http://hogwarts-experience.heavenforum.com
Elfie Dumbledore
Retired Headmistress : Mick, Snape, The Doctor and Edward Cullen - the men in my life!!
Retired Headmistress : Mick, Snape, The Doctor and Edward Cullen - the men in my life!!

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-02-21
Number of posts : 15397
Location : In the land where purple snapes walk
Real First Name : Sharon
Warning :
1 / 31 / 3

House : I didn't retire...I surrendered!
Crest :
Wand : Exam not taken
Award Bar :
100 / 700100 / 700

PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 14:29

Here is mine!

1. My biggest two fears are being buried alive and loosing those I love

2. I hate bellybuttons! They give me the creeps and if anything touches mine like clothes or ar I feel really sick! Makes life a bit hard :D

3. I believe in faries! :D They live at the bottom of my mums garden!

4. When I was young and on guide camp, a friend smashed me on top of my head with a mallet used to hit the tent pegs in (yep it was back to basics then!) - no lasting damage though (I hope!!)

5. I have to say 'goodnight, love you and see you in the morning' to my husband and daughter before going to bed as the last thing i say before i can sleep. I also used to say it to my mum and sister and even my dad - i had to say it every night when he was ill in the hope he didnt go beofore i got there the following morning and luckily he didnt.

6. Hands and eyes of mick are what first attracted me to him.

7. I hate my voice! It is too low and too southern for my liking.

8. I have a poetry book published (which most of you know) and also have about 10 other poems published in other books and papers from winning competitions.

9. I am violently allergic to fish

10. I didnt learn to click my fingers properly until I was about 13 - my younger sister sarah had to teach me - how embarressing!

11. I have a dog teddy called Judy who I have had since I was born - she has been washed numerous times, her head fallen off and restitched badly loads of times and most of her fur has gone, though I cant bare to get rid of her and she sits by my bed till this day

12. I hate lifts! I have been known to walk down many flights of steps if a lift has other people in it.

13. My car clock is always set three minutes fast so I always arrive on time (in theory!)

14. I have a very large imagination though I am proud of that!

15. I cant stand insects touching my skin! It isnt as though I am afraid of them or anything, though if an insect or spider touches my skin I feel sick

16. I have a thing about symmatery when tidying my house and sorting. I love things such as pictures and ornaments to be symmetrical whereve they are

17. I learn better with music playing and can also learn words of songs very quickly as well as learning to play a song on the keyboard or piano by ear.

18. Im not a great fan of beaches. I love swimming in the sea for a bit, though actually sitting on the sand not only bores me but I also dislike the feel of sand.

19. When I was younger I had to have my huge built in wardrobe door completely shut as I couldnt go to sleep thinking something would come out and kill me in the night - I also had to have my covers pulled up to my neck...maybe I watched one too many vampire films!

20. I have weird blood according to mick - when everyone else is hot - im cold and vice versa

21. I get extremely car sick unless I am driving and cant go on busses without being violently sick.

22. I can get very emotional at times, though I am much better now than when I was young, though I can be very soppy and also get upset easily if close family or friends upset me. People who arnt close to me cant upset me anymore as Ive built up blocks I think.

23. I always leave things until the last minute - I work much better that way

24. Run out of face mask mixture or cleanser? Then try egg whites whisked together and use the froth on your face for 5 minutes a couple of times a day. Gives a new meaning to egg on your face! It works though! I was having a bad face day and was due to go out the following night and had run out of everything! So I tried the above mixture. Did it twice one day and twice the next (with mick laughing his socks off) but it worked! My skin was so soft and clear for my night out!

25. I actually hate hippos! Ok, maybe hate is too strong as Ive never really spoken to one personally, though I dont have a great liking to them even though our mascot is a purple hippo. Purple on the other hand I love!


Check out my brand new book blog: http://elfie-books.blogspot.co.uk

My special daughter sent from my special dad in heaven
I will love you forever dad...I miss you more than words can say

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HE Owl
HE Owl

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-02-24
Number of posts : 15490
Age : 26
Location : Finland
Real First Name : Caro
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House : Gryffindor
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70 / 70070 / 700

PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 15:44

1) I sleep on my stomach.

2) I have a Turkish kebab place on speed dial xD

3) I have a weird obsession with needles.

4) I can't stand smoking people - but I love to smoke myself :D

5) When I'm wearing pants with pockets, I tend to keep only my thumbs in the pockets.

6) The clothes I buy are usually a size or two larger so that I can feel comfortable in them.

7) Most of my clothes are from the men's department (THEY SIMPLY HAVE COOLER CLOTHES xD)

8) The local police knows exactly who I am :D

9) I have two fake ID's.

10) I actually like owls a lot :D

11) Hipbones are the ugliest thing in the human body.

12) I like dead people more then living ones.

13) I have insomnia...

14) ...and ADHD.

15) Hate hospitals, love the doctors, and I'm studying to become a nurse :D

16) I'm not actually as cool as I think I am xD

17) I have two major phobias; clowns and mirrors.

18) I can't wear anything that's in style - I have to wait for it to go OUT of style, until I can wear it (big sunglasses, uggs...)

19) I strongly believe that Neil Armstrong's moonwalk in 1969 was conspiracy.

20) I can bend backwards and touch the ground with my hands, and fling my legs over, so that I end up leaning forward with my hands on the floor ^_^

21) My eyes change colour from dark blue to blue-grey, depending on how tired I am.

22) I was born four weeks too early.

23) I always have to be right, the best, and the winner - no matter what!

24) I'm very unoriented (not sure if that's the right word, but basically, in a nutshell; I can't get from point A to point B even if I had a map and a compass xD)

25) I put a girl's hair on fire on purpose... I was five xD
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Rigby Dumbledore
3rd Year
3rd Year

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Real First Name : Kate or Katie
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House : Ravenclaw
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 16:20

1. I love bossa nova music, I don't know why I don't share this fact more often. I want to be the girl from Impanema.

2. I can only wink with one eye.

3. When I get mad while driving, after I'm done cursing out the idiot driver who: failed to use a turn signal, cut me off, ran a red light, failed to use a turn signal despite the fact that it is right by your hand!!!, or displayed some other type of jerk driving, I always feel bad and will apologize to God, stating that the person most likely is not a the child of Satan and likely has no carnal knowledge of their mother and is probably a good citizen.

4. I used to dance with a blanket as a cape/prop on my front lawn on sunny days,because I enjoyed watching my shadow dance. I don't do this anymore.

5. After playing Dorothy in the 4th grade I made my neighborhood friends put on a play where I got to play a witch (the role I had secretly craved in The Wizard of Oz). Since a lot of my friends younger siblings couldn't read, there wasn't actually a script, and what plot there was changed slightly every time we rehearsed it, including the actual performance. We charged ten cents a ticket, even sold a few to a Redskins football player who lived in our neighborhood, and then donated the money to Jerry's Kids- I was addicted to watching that telathon back then. The play was called Camp Disaster Parts One, Two and Three. I got to die three different ways. It was craptastic!

6. My husband is seven years older than me, my dad was seven years older than my mom, and my mom's dad was seven years older than her mom. I love that coincidence! Of course, I tell a lot of people this.

7. The first person that I have ever truly despised was my fourth grade teacher Ms. Starr. She was a miserable, horrible, and incompetent woman. In retrospect I realize that she probably thought she was making a difference... as a member of Satan's army. I still hate you, Ms. Starr!

8. I always say that I don't truly hate anyone, and that's true- except with regards to Ms. Starr and whoever stole my purse from Penn Square Mall the winter of 1999. Screw you, theif!

9. I like the sound pickles make when you bite then, but I hate the taste. And that makes me sad.

10. My secret wish is that Stephen King will somehow stumble upon something I've wrote and decide that he wants nothing more than to co-write a book with me. Aaron and I will spend a summer in Maine with him and his wife, while he and I write the most awesome scary novel ever which will of course be made into the best tv mini series ever.

11. I'm obsessed with the tone and timber of voices, and if someone has a funny voice it can totally effect the way I think of them.

12. I hate when people crack their knuckles and other various joints, despite the fact that I often crack my right ankle.

13. My friend Andrea's boyfriend once said that I was the most contrary person he had ever met. And that bothered me until I realized that it was completely true.

14. I love collar bones. I think they're kind of sexy.

15. The first boy I had a crush on (Mark Freeman) had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and his ears stuck out a bit. His parents made him have plastic surgery on them right before school ended that year (why they didn't wait until summer I will never understand) and one of the other boys touched his new flat ears which made Mark cry. He didn't come back to our school the following fall.

16. I sometimes think of charming things I could say to someone intent on: robbing, beating, raping or killing me to get them change their minds and mend their evil ways. I have a morbid mind and obviously too much time on my hands.

17. If I don't say God Bless You, or Bless You after someone sneezes it bothers me, and I hope they sneeze again so that I get another chance to say it. If I'm in public and for some reason don't want to draw attention to myself, I will say it softly or think it.

18. I like to read out loud and seize the opportunity to do so. My future kids are lucky, I even do different voices for each character.

19. When I was a bookkeeper at Albertson's I used to do the announcements over the intercom and I would use this deeper voice because otherwise I sound like I'm 12. One day I got a call from a woman who wanted to speak to the "girl who does the ads over the speaker". When I told her it was me, she asked me if I was single, I replied that I was engaged, and she was upset because she wanted to introduce me to her son based on the way my voice sounded. It was flattering and scary all at once.

20. I like saying the phrase "Continental Congress", I just like how it sounds.

21. I love doing jury duty, and I've served twice- once on a criminal trial and once for a civil case. I would totally be a professional juror if I could!

22. I have wanted to adopt since the summer before 7th grade- the first time I read The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss. She and her husband couldn't have kids back in the 40's and they were really poor. Then they adopted a little boy, which led to them adopting 11 more children, most of whom were from Asian descent which was a huge controversy as we were at war with Japan at the time, and people were very prejudiced. I was over the moon happy when my brother Michael adopted my three nephews- Tony is finally bringing some height to the my side of the family!

23. I hate when people bike on main roads because I am terrified of hitting them. But then part of me wants to hit them because I feel like they must know that they make me nervous, as if their chosen form of exercise or mode of transportation is just a way of spiting me.

24. I have used my own hair to floss in emergencies. I know this sounds gross, but it works. People do grosser things, stop judging me.

25. I firmly believe that the power of my PMS broke a car wash that I was in, right after the 18 layers of soap were sprayed on my car. I was having a particularly rough day, the line had been looooooooong (as Oklahoma is one freaking dusty state and car washes are the most popular form of entertainment there), and I had been quite angry at the hordes of dumb bum people ahead of me. It's like a teenage girl unleashing a poltergeist. Only I was 23, and it was PMS breaking a car wash, and there was no cute little person with a freaky voice to help talk me through it.
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5th Year
5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 16:50

1) Like Caro, I was born 4 weeks early
2) I thought Harry Potter was stupid until I was forced into reading it by my mom. I have read each of them at least 5 times
3) When I was five, I was at the circus and a clown popped out holding a snake and every since I have been afraid and they havenít had a circus sinceÖI mean I donít blame them, those elephants could have killed someone
4) When I was two, I use to think people could be animals so I told everyone I was going to be a dancing bear with a pink tutuÖmy dreams were crashed when my dad said you could be a cage dancer as a jokeÖI wanted to cry
5) If my hair isnít brushed, I feel very dirty. I have no idea why, but I do
6) When I sleep, I have to be on my stomach. When I wake, I have to be on my back or I cant wake upÖweird again?
7) Iím very addicted to Pepsi products. Including Diet Pepsi Max.
8) Gum is my life. If I donít have it, I chew on anything, even things that may have been on the floor or touched by some creep. If itís chewable and doesnít taste bad, in my mouth it goes
9) I use to be a prep and thought people who read Harry Potter and wore black where devil worshippers. That was, until I met my first boyfriend. He taught me not everything was bad about black or bad music.
10) Iím very allergic to cats, grass, and hay. If I lay on the hay or grass I break out, so I avoid touching any of it
11) When my sister was born, I tried to hit her because I knew I would lose my parents to her cuteness. I didnít get them back until I was 4 and my dad walked out on us for a few days
12) I knew what most 20 years didnít by the time I was 4. Including how babies where made, any and every type of drugsÖcan I even write thatÖ.
13) I locked my sister in a car at 2 hoping she would die because I didnít want her nor need her
14) I never had a best friend until I met Nixy. Everyone I knew was just there
15) I have a bad experiment with doctors and try to avoid them at all cost
16) I have literally had my rabies shots
17) I have a fear of having children now because Iím afraid they will lie; do bad things; and turn out horrible, making people believe Iím a bad mother
18) Iíve never ditched school on my own. Iíve always been afraid my mom would show up at the school wanting to check me out
19) I was 9 when I had my first smoke but 13 when I learned that I was addicted. Never know you are addicted to something when you realize you cant have it
20) I cut all my sister hair off when she was 2 so she couldnít have longer hair then me
21) I can never stay still I have to move. I cant make list, I was having trouble trying to even make this cause I think it would be a waste of my time, even though I really want to do it
22) I have asthmas. I have had to have breathing machines, inhalers, pills, and such since I was 2. I no longer have to use them unless I run
23) I read faster then most seniors at my school. The fastest of the 9th and 10th grade classes. I can almost read 400 pages in an hour, if Iím focused and not busy. If Iím busy, maybe 200 pages
24) I think preppy boys are the ugly ones and emo and Goths are the cutest. Black hair with blue or green eyes are more better then a blonde
25) I have the darkest and most unusal hair color and eye color them my family My dad as brown hair with brown eyes. My mom has blonde with blue eyes )which makes me think Iím part German) and my sister is the same as my mom. I have redish brown hair with dark to light green eyes. No one in both of my families like that
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5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Jan 30 2009, 18:22

Ooh, fun!

1. For my end of the year exam in Freshman Advanced English, I wrote a five paragraph essay about how much I hated my advanced math course.
2. I teach dance at my synagogue during the Sunday School program.
3. I have two bulletin boards in my room - one devoted to HP stuff (clippings, comics, what have you) and one for everything else (senior pictures, more comics and clippings, patches, origami, etc.).
4. My cousin decided to start a friendship bracelet company (she's eleven) and I'm her second in command XD
5. I've never had anything in my room but beige carpet and hate it.
6. I feel that I can't doodle because my friends are amazing at it and I feel incompetent.
7. I've only straightened my hair twice.
8. I'm aching for the summer so I can go back to work (day camp!).
9. I love George Winston's music.
10. I own two pink shirts.
11. I melt cheese on lots of food (rice, potatoes, broccoli, etc.).
12. I can't eat dairy at room temp. except for butter.
13. I've been a vegetarian since the third grade.
14. I wanted to be a cheerleader when I was in elementary school.
15. When I was little, I saw my dog as my sister. (RIP Meg.)
16. In my room, I have a dozen dead and dried roses hanging on my wall.
17. I love making gimp, even though it serves no purpose whatsoever.
18. I've never finished writing a fan fiction.
19. I joined HPFF at age twelve, and was in here midway through thirteen. (Dang, that makes me feel old!)
20. The only time I clean my room is when something's wrong with my compy so my dad comes in to work on it and I clean.
21. I'm as quick to be excited as I am to get teary eyed.
22. I still have my stuffed animal collection, proudly displayed in a basket in my closet.
23. I'm dreading the end of high school.
24. Belle is my favorite Disney "princess."
25. I have a horrid memory and wish there was something I could do to retrieve memories of my childhood.
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5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Mon Feb 02 2009, 13:45

1. Butterflies, windchimes, and vacuum cleaners frighten me.

2. I have a hard time keeping the spellings of words like meat/meet, weak/week, new/knew. Don't no why as I'm a good speller. (That error was a joke, just so you know)

3. I have an obsession with writing. Not necessarily stories, poems, etc. I just like to write things like names, the alphabet, whatever comes to mind.

4. I actually don't care for J.K.R.'s writing style, though I love her storytelling and world creation.

5. I was once a creepy stalker. The thought still brings me embarrassment.

6. I'm scared of hospitals, doctors, medical machines...how am I going to get through this pregnancy?!

7. My dream pets are a ball python and a uromastyx.

8. Speaking of Styx...I found a bit over a year ago that they're fabulous. I should never have judged them by "Come Sail Away".

9. My mind makes odd jumps that are sometimes hard to follow.

10. I hated role-playing until I joined this site.

11. I spent the first, oh, five years after Harry Potter's initial release as an anti-Harry Potter Christian.

12. I find inappropriate/offensive humor amusing...much to my dismay.

13. I used to perform about once a week as a drag king. I miss it sometimes, but for the most part I'm glad I quit.

14. I hate my body shape, even though there are women I know who would love to have it. It's mostly a pain, though.

15. I'm incredibly boring.

16. I love trucks...the bigger the better!! I just hate what they do to a wallet and the environment.

17. I learned to knit simply so that I could make a Slytherin scarf. I even finished it, too.

18. I learned to cross-stitch because I had a dream that I was doing it.

19. I'd love to make it big with my singing, but I'm too lazy and unambitious.

20. My eyes used to be very dark brown...now they're a rather soft brown with gold and green undertones.

23. I can't count to save my life.

22. I love confusing people unnecessarily.

21. I have a tendency to start these things and lose the ability to think of anything else.

24. I usually confuse myself when I'm trying to confuse others.

25. I make fun of scary movies so no one will know I'm scared. Even the bad ones like Mirrors. *shudders*
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5th Year

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Feb 06 2009, 15:35

1.) I am absolutely terrified of clowns.
2.) I had not drank milk since I was four, and now that I do I lost four pounds. The only downside is that I now have acne, and it makes me a bit nauseas. I only drink it because I think I am fat and need to lose the weight.
3.) I have a shirt with a bunch of painted animals on it that I got from my seven year old cousin, and I wear it all the time at home. Just not in front of people. It is the most comfortable shirt ever and I love it.
4.) I really can not stand text messaging people; I would much rather call or IM or meet face to face. The little letters hurt my fingers : [ When people text me I try to get them on IM or call them to get it over with.
5.) Sometimes, when I am home alone, I will sing random Laura Marling songs at the top of my lungs. I love the poetry in her songs and she has an amazing voice that I, unfortunatley, can never match.
6.) I really want to go skydiving and cliff diving and bungee jumping. I just want to freefall and expirence flying.
7.) Though my parents want it for me, I can not see myself in College. ever. When I think of myself in four years I see myself in a small apartment in Los Angeles persuing my acing career.
8.) I am getting my tragus periced soon : ] And I want a few tattoos soon, but I have to wait until it is legal for me to get them.
9.) I find it really funny when my friend Amanda says "The British are coming" in her British accent while running across the balcony on our stage... which she does often.
10.) I have never, ever, seen a scary movie. I am too much of a wimp to watch them.
11.) I often get premonitions, and for that my friends have nicknamed me Alice. I get them while doing yoga, or right before bed, and everyone comes true at some point.
12.) I suffer from Vaso Vago Syncopy; basically a very weak stomach. If something disturbs me; a dead puppy on a street, blood, a sad story, descriptions of a medical procedure, then my body shuts down and I pass out.
13.) I like passing out. When I do, I get to lay down and for what seems like forever there are flying colors in my head that look happy and fun and I wish I could be there forever.
14.) I am going to adopt all my children.
15.) My friend Kirsten has convinced me I want a british orphan. Wanna know how? "When a little seven year old kid comes to you and goes 'Daddy, I peed my pants' you just want to scream at them. But when that kid comes at you going 'Daddy, I went wee-wee in my britches' how can you not love them?" Kirsten is amazing. haha.
16.) I am addicted to role playing; I role play as Alice Cullen, Maria Lopez (Twilight), Jane Volturi, Nikki Reed, and several original characters.
17.) I want to throw my sister through a wall most days.
19.) I have never smoked a ciggarette, though I have smoked weed. (DONT DO IT!!!)
20.) I secertly love desiginer fashion, though I could never afforrd it, so I don't buy it.
21.) I read on a 15.4 level, which translated is third year college, fourth semester. That means I read wayyy to advanced for my own good. My mom always jokes getting me to read wasn't the problem. Finding challenging, appropriate books for a seven year old on that level was the problem. Thats how I first read Harry Potter.
22.) I own a never opened Twilight Roleplay and a Hollywood Roleplay still under construction.
23.) Though I read well, ask me to spell and I come up blank. I really cannot stand spelling; my eight year old sister can spell much better than I can.
24.) I am so glad this list is almost over.
25.) Mr. Hallowich is the greatest teacher I have ever had, ever.
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Sun Feb 08 2009, 08:01

1) I am book obsessive, I am like a pack rat when it comes to books!

2) I love all animals, except for sharks, they freak me out slightly

3) Want to train and qualify to be a vet, or settle for a Biography teacher

4) I am a huge Vanessa Carlton fan, thanks to my friend AG167

5) I am team Jake when it comes down to the Twilight seires

6) I've read the whole Twilight saga 13 times, and I am currently reading New Moon for the 14th time

7) I've got a rabbitt called sooty

8) I've worn glasses since I was 8

9) I love snow days, but hate snow

10) My current favorite breakfast is white toast and Brussels Pate. Yum!

11) I am doing the Duke of Endinburgh award at school

12) Most people who meet me say I am quiet/ shy, but once you know me, I am really random and a weirdo!

13) I have only ever made two snow men

14) I made flapjacks two weeks back, and they were rock hard

15) I get bored very easily

16) I can draw mythical creatures alright, but my humans all look like monkeys

17) My favorite colour nail varnish in Peach Puppy

18) I have owned a microscope since I was 5

19) I have eaten a slice of fruit cake and a ceral bar while doing this list

20) My tutors baby girl is called Isabella Marie Hale

21) Even though I read a lot, my spelling is rubbish.

22) I am seriously running out of patience with this list

23) My keyboard is playing me up

24) My shoulder hurts

25) Its snowing!
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Sun Feb 08 2009, 09:06

1) Iím completely frighten by the dark + heights.

2) I love the cold side of the pillow ^.^

3) I LOVE music especially music that screams: BMTH<3

4) I think Oli Sykes + Chase Crawford are the hottest things going on this planet.

5) I donít like chavs even though I used to be one.

6) Iím a Blondie + cause of it I get called bimbs xD

7) I canít eat breakfast in the morning.

8) My favourite colour is green.

9) I love winter but prefer summer.

10) I hate coconut.

11) I gave up caring what people think of me a VERY long time ago.

12) Iím apparently a gifted linguist.

13) I have a friend named Angel :D

14) Itís snowing well I write this J

15) I also hope tis a snow day tomorrow! THEY ARE IMMENSE!! xD

16) My favourite bands are BMTH, Rise Against, Three Days Grace + Trivium.

17) I didnít like kids until I did my work experience in a nursery + now Iím considering doing child care :D

18) I love photography + writing.

19) I SUCK at maths but Iím rather good at English (:

20) I own a pair of DCs + Vans.

21) When Iím older I plan to travel the world.

22) I also plan to meet Riddy, Karen + Hannah is the future hopefully.

23) Iím an Emo apparent :S

24) Currently in love :D I think xD

25) I have a LOT of self doubts about myself + Iím also very insecure

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Fri Feb 20 2009, 22:28

1. I used to be afraid of lotion and germ-x

2.Im very shy and rarely talk to people

3. I'm deathly afarid of burning to death in my house

4. I survived a house fire thanks to my father

5. I love to Rp

6. Some days I think Im paranoid cause Ill get this feeling like I start thinking people hate me even though they're my best friend

7. I like cheese

8. Seven is the answer to everything

9. I knocked over a rack at Wal-mart

10. I'm ttoally blind and block out the entire world all of the time and get lost in my fanatys (sp?)

11. I cant spell at all

12. I have very few friends

13. is a lucky number for me sometimes

14. My mom hates just about all of my friends

15. I sleep not only on my stomach, but also my side and my back and any otherway you can

16. I gave up finding a boyfriend

17. I like someone who likes someone whose not me

18. I love all of my friends on this site

19. Im obessed with this site

20. I think I have more firned on this site than in real life XD

21. I like to start riots XD

22. I like to be in cahrge of things

23. I can be random and like to talk about aliens a lot

24. I like to set goals for myself for about anything

25. 25 is a special number cause it is and I said so but not as special as seven XD
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Tue Mar 03 2009, 16:09

1. I have sevre Globophobia...(yes, it is offically diagnosed by a doctor) no need to google it though people...it means phobia of balloons. It's because of an incident when I was younger. I had a balloon by an open fire...it burst...the hot plastic hit my face, and left me with a dent on my nose...so yeah...but ironically, I'm ok when I have a balloon...but I go all weird when others have them...especially young children who bite and dig their nail into them...and run with them when the can darely walk. That's why I hardly get invited to parties etc...

2. I like the way Chris Crocker thinks...poor dude is just a girl inside a man's body...so cut him a break, kay?!

3. I play bassoon I'm on grade 6, can (obviously) read music, and I can play most tunes by ear. Ever heard Rhianna's "Disturbia" on bassoon? No? Come to me then babe

4. I have an obeise, high colestoralled cat who had occasional seizures called Sox whom I love.

5. I am an only child XD

6. I am half Maltese (daddy is from Malta, so I go over most years to see my Maltese family)

7. I <3 Craig Coates, who was a dude from Big Brother UK 2005 (which FYI is the only BB I ever watch, only because I watched them going in, and he seemed interesting, so I decided to watch it. I love him because he's so much like me...sensative (Yeah...me and him cry alot)...kind...fun...wiht similar walks.....and a bit of paranoia...and if anyone knows him, can they please pass on a message for me. Say "Lucy loves you,and was wondering would you do her hair without an appointment at your salon?" XD

8. I'm attracted to gay and camp guys...I dunno why...

9. I go out of my way to stand out from the crowd and be different from everyone else and not follow the heard...though I have a low self esteem, so I am not attention seeking.

10. I have over-lapping toes on both my feet, and flat feet, and when I wear my school skirt, people always point out that I am slightly knock-kneed. Yeah, I have mucked up legs, but I am thankful that I have two which are completely funtional.

11. I am a proud Christian! The Lord is my Shepherd everyone! I ask you now, is he yours?

12. I would die to save my best friend over everyone and everything else, Hannah

13. My other best friend Jenni is my 'big sister' though I am older than her. We have never met, but we have MSN and letter writing and texting on our side...and it's all because of HE that we met Thanks HE!

14. If I don't get chosen as a prefect in my school next year, I will probably...not want to live any longer...so if you don't hear from me for a while...you know what's happened...no joke...

15. I set myself too high in school. Because I am so used to coming top in everything, I always have to out-do others...and myself...otherwise I go into manic depression mode...

16. I'm not good with group work. I like to do thing on my own, my way. The group normally either get really annoyed and really angry that I don't wanna share the work, or else they just...let me get on with it.

17. I have low self esteem...and I doubt myself...which, when it comes to music exams...spells for a few tears and tantrums about how badly I think I will do...

18. I draw Manga as part of the way to get out my emotions. I am also going to get some manga stories on friday and start to read them.

19. I also write stuff...poems mostly...to get my feeling out, and have had two poems published.

20.I recently made a real full name for my cat; Soxtipher Craig Cosmo Vella

21. I am a self confessed Geek/Weirdo/Nerd/Swot/Loser.

22. I can never sit straight in a chair.

23. I was a brace face up until 3 months ago..now I'm just a retainer face...

24. I eat the strawberry flavoured Chapstix, because it reminds me of the day in primary school my mum pack me jelly cubes in my pack lunch by accident, and I ate it, and the 'cool crew' thought I was weird, and they knew how desperate I was to get into the crew at the time, so they made me eat weird things like Strawberry chapstix and Bonjella...and then they made me run laps of the football pitch until I couldn't breathe (this was all a kind of Innisiciation test) and then they were all like "You pass...but you can only be in the crew for Thursday."

25. I have a weird obcession with the song "Hit me baby one more time" by Britney Spears

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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Wed Mar 04 2009, 23:54

1. I love introducing people to new things, but I hate when I feel like they are trying to steal Ďmy thingí from me, or act like they know way more about it than I do even though they wouldnít even know about that thing if I hadnít introduced them to it.

2. I commentate everything Iím doing in my head as I walk around. If Iím with my friends Iíll totally commentate what I think other people are thinking, I will do it right to the peoples faces if they are looking at me.

3. Contrary to popular belief McFly is my favorite band because I think they are immensely talented. The fact that they are hot and super funny are only bonuses to me.

4. My best friend is my cat, I talk to him about everything. Iím pretty sure he doesnít care, but at least he pretends to listen. I also chase him around the house and commentate what I think heís saying when no one else is around.

5. When I was little I swore I was supposed to be a boy, even acted like one until I was twelve and started filling out.

6. I will listen to anything you give me at least once, but if I donít like it I wont ever listen to it again. But I will at least give it a shot so that I can have a fairly based opinion.

7. Speaking of commentary if someone asks me a stupid question I wont actually answer them, Iíll just say something random like ĎBob Sagetí and walk away. I donít handle dumb very well, itís just part of my make up and I have a hard time answering dumb questions seriously. So I donít.

8. I always seem to relate to the most hated or unlikely characters on TV programs and movies. Oddly I always end up relating to that antagonist, never the hero. Some would say I see myself in a negative light most of the time. -shrugs- I donít think so, I just think the bad guys get to have WAY more fun, and Iím all about the fun part.

9. When I clean I blast musicals as loud as I can, Rent is a favorite when Iím cleaning and I even sometimes act out the parts as Iím singing along. I swear all of my neighbors hate me, since cleaning the house is an all day event when it comes to me, Iím sure they really donít like listening to me singing RENT at the top of my lungs.

10. Any time Iím in a car I have to have something to play with or I start to freak out at red lights because I feel like everyone is watching me for some creepy reason. If I donít have anything I will start to tap my fingers on the steering wheel or knock on the window along with the beat of the music Iím listening to.

11. When I first wake up even if Iím not tired anymore I have to lay in bed for at least a half an hour before moving or Iíll be mean all day long. I just lay there with my eyes closed thinking about everything that I have to do that day.

12. Unlike everyone else I was born a week late. ZOMG I know right I was almost a jebus baby rather than a new year baby. I knew I had it good in there and refused to come out, but my mom and the doctors decided that she didnít want to just raise me in there so they forced me out, the jerks.

13. Punk covers are generally WAY better than the original songs in my opinion. I mean they can make the most sad and depressing crap sound upbeat and all RAWR like. Amazing I tell you.

14. Both states that Iíve ever lived in and the one place I want to live in are all surrounded by water, I hate water and never go to the beach. Even if I do live in Florida where you are never any more than 45 minutes away from a beach. I almost drowned when I was six in a hotel pool, and I was bit by a baby shark when I first moved to Florida. Kind of explains the phobias, but I only donít like big masses of water, pools donít bother me. -shrugs-

15. If I put on music before I go to sleep, like a new album Iíve never heard I will wake up and know all of the words to it in the morning. Like McFlyís newest album radio:ACTIVE! I feel asleep listing to it on my ipod and woke up knowing all of the words to it the next morning and even had subconsciously picked a favorite song already.

16. I quote movies, music and television all day long in the middle of conversations. Most people donít pick up on it unless they talk to me a lot and know all of the things Iím constantly watching. Other people just think Iím really random and just talking jibberish half the time. ĎRod Stewart said Tom didnít have a very rock and roll voice. Well Iíve got news for you Rod, I think Tom has better rock and roll clothes than you!í (Thatís just for you Cat xD)

17. To be honest Iím fascinated by music videos, thatís why I hate MTV and such so much now, since they rarely ever play music videos anymore. I could sit for hours and watch music videos on my couch and never watch anything else. They work well with my ADHD, none of them are generally long enough to loose my attention before one is over and a new one is on.

18. The only movie to ever scare the crap out of me were those Alien movies from the 80ís. Donít know why maybe it was the whole acid spit, two heads and the extending chomping jaws. What ever it was they scared the bejebus out of a little me. Still slightly creep me out, but at least I can sit through the movies now without flinching.

19. When I was younger I got really mad because the dentist said my teeth were pretty much perfect and I didnít need braces. I always wanted either braces or glasses because everyone else got them and I felt left out. I guess now in hindsight Iím glad I didnít get either, but dangit I wanted braces too.

20. Iíve never had a role model, Iíve always just kind of been my own person, even when I was a kid. Never wanted to be anyone else either, then again I think I have split personalities or something since Iíve always been such a self sufficient creature. Yes I can entertain myself, and Iím perfectly happy having a conversation with myself, as weird as that is.

21. I hate people who try to pretend like they are normal, we are all freaks and I think everyone should embrace the weirdness inside of themselves. I have always held a high respect for those who follow their own paths entirely and donít do something just because everyone else is doing it or because itís socially acceptable or makes people see them a certain way.

22. To this day I still like the dark versions of all of the fairy tales much better than the happy versions. The fact that Peter Pan grew up to become Captain Hook is the only logical ending to the story because it makes more sense, if you fight who you are meant to be youíll only end up becoming something you hate.

23. -hangs head in shame- I actually like Britney Spears newest album, as much as it appalls me to admit that out loud.

24. Layers, my clothes are always on in layers. I always generally have around 3 shirts on at any given time. Odd considering I live in one of the hottest states in the US.

25. I wasnít allowed to listen to the radio, at least anything but the oldies channels until I was twelve. My first ever album was on vinyl and it was The Beatles - White Album.


26. I can (hardly) ever just write one sentence answers to ANYTHING! As you can see above xDD
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Sat Mar 14 2009, 01:53

ooh this will be fun!

1) I was a preemie. I was born 2 months ahead of planned.

2) The only thing I am allergic to is face paint, which sucks big time. I can have face paint anywhere else except my face, I will get all red in the face and swell up...>.<

3) I absolutely love soccer, it's my favorite sport to play...although I also love to watch and play baseball.

4) I am a proud Christian. I decided this should be number 4 because 4 is the best # ever!!

5) I have a fat cat named Jojo. I got her at an animal shelter 4 years ago, and I got her without my mother's permission, I was with my grandma. Grandma's rock XD

6) I got my braces on July 25th, 2005 and I am getting them off April 3rd, 2009. That's almost 4 freakin years!!! affraid

7) I made my first best friend in soccer! In...3rd grade. I am in 9th grade, and even though I moved and live 3000 miles away from her, Tia Jo An Nelson is stilll my best friend in the whole wide world. :D

8) I have never done any drugs. I have not had sex. I have tried a few types of beer, but my parents were right there and let me....let me tell you--I think it's disgusting...

9) My current "lover" is named Steven Gaxiola. He wants to date but I am not allowed...but might bend hte rules for him *g*

10) The first time I read the HP books was in 6th grade and I read them in this order: 3, 2, 4, 1, 5, 6, 7. I didn't hae much of a choice, our school library is small and I wanted to read them because I thought they were awesome! Been obsessed ever since.

11) If I could have one wish granted, honestly, and practically...I would wish to live in Alabama with my lovely family and friends.

12) I love to write. I don't write stories for fun, but when I am assigned stories or any type of assignment where I have to write I go all out and love it. I am also a very good reader and have a high reading level of like 13+ they didn't tell me exactly.

13) I didn't enjoy my first kiss. I regret it deeply. I was dating a guy, I don't know why cause he was dumb and shallow and ugly, and we never talked....Anyways he wanted to "make-out" and I told him no. he kept badgering me and so I agreed to a "peck". I regretted it instantly and my very first thought was "eew". Laugh if you will, that was 6th grade....haha.

14) I can watch a movie one time and I will remember many of the lines. I love to quote lines off of movies and TV shows and songs. I don't think I've ever gone through a day without quoting anything. My sisters are good at this too, so we play a game to see who can guess where the quote came from. It's fun.

15) I regret ever dying and highlighting my hair. I wish I would have gone "au-natural".

16) The county I live in is the most illiterate county in the whole state of california. It was a fact, and it was all over the newspaper. This piece of information is horrifying to me.

17) I am addicted to sweet tea for life! If I don't have a tea for like 4 days i start to crave one. My town has a shop called "Donuts Plus" that is a donut shop, obviously. They also sell soda and tea and horchata and different fountains drinks. You are a loser if you dont know what the donut shop is in my town. This is the sad truth.

18) I am a horrible liar. I can't lie to my parents unless someone coaches me beforehand and tells me exactly what and how to talk and get out of any possible thing that could happen in the situation.

19) I had to get the toenail off of my big toe on my left foot removed due to an ingrown nail. This is really embarrasing to me so i hardly wear flip-flops, even though I can put nail polish on my toe and oyu can't tell. I always have to have my toes painted so that no one will notice this fact.

20) I fractured the growth plate in my right ankle in the 5th grade, on a Monday. I normally just tell people I broke it because it's simpler. I did this to my foot because I was chasing my sisters down a very SMALL hill, that wasn't even steep. Yup, I just stepped wrong and CRACK I was on the ground. My mom had to give me a piggyback ride to the car.

21) I cannot roll my "r"s when saying words, or talking spanish...or something like that where it's necessary to do so. I never have been able to. I feel so left out in the world, JK! XD

22) I love adventure. I love to go reallly fast. I love to go on rollercoasters and scary stuff like that.

23) I love to sing!! All day long I randomly burst into song. I am not such a great singer, but I don't completely suck.

24) I am terrified of the dark and spiders.

25) I have absolutely no patience, and even less with ignorant idiots. I am a neat freak, even though my room isn't very clean (in my opinion). I like to be in charge and the leader. I am very stubborn and hard-headed.

aww....it's over. I had so much fun!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 25 Random Things About YOU   Sat Jun 27 2009, 12:18

Mind ya, I already did the facebook "25 things ..." but I'm bored at the moment, and I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to feel guilty for procrastination, because I'm on holidays! XD

So, wishing myself happy time-wastage, here I go:

1. I don't normally like butter.

2. I have a teddybear that I've inherited from my dad - his dad had bought it from him when he was a kid.

3. I've dreamt about Economics three days in a row, around my Economics exam.

4. I've been listening to 2 songs in Chinese over and over again for the past few days - slightly obsessive. XD

5. My record of lying in bed without being able to fall asleep is probably something around 2 1/2 hours.

6. I have a talent of almost messing things up, but then being able to save the situation in the last moment. Like the time I forgot the paper I had to hand in at midday, remembered when I was already at Uni at 11 AM, ran back home and back, and handed it in at 11.45 AM. 15 minutes before the deadline.

7. I've never actually earned a penny by myself (and I'm not proud of that. U_U")

8. I'm the first person my girl friends, scared of bugs/spiders/other random insects call to "save" them from the "monsters".

9. On the other hand, I once screamed and got really scared in the supermarket, when the fish that my mom had just bought fresh, moved in the basket. :-S

10. My singing is terribly bad - but if I feel like it, I will sing, no matter what. Actually, if people get annoyed by my singing, it motivates me to sing even more.

11. I get excited when I see tourists in Bucharest! ^_^ - cuz it didn't use to be really tourist-y, lol.

12. I love cherries and anything tasting/smelling like them!

13. Heh heh, my "lunch" today was a bag of crisps. 'Cause I couldn't be bothered to eat properly.

14. I had 7.5 kg overweight luggage when I came back home last time, and I got through with it! XD

15. My sleeping schedule is messed up most of the time. Tough.

16. I'm good with money management - i.e., I land on pretty much 0 just before the end of the month - on a second thought, cut "good" - it's quite bad. XD ... I have yet to learn How To Get Out Of The House Without Spending Any Money. <.<" ... I plan to get better at this! XD

17. I've never dyed my hair - I like my natural colour and I'm afraid that it might not be quite the same ever again if I dye it.

18. People call me "geek". xD

19. I love Japanese craziness. :D

20. ... and Japanese food. Mmmmmh, sushiiii! Rameeeeen! <3

21. Despite the fact that I've had pretty much top-of-the-class marks in Physics during higschool, I never felt like I understood much - but being good at maths, I found it easy to just solve the problems using the formulas, not really minding at all what those funny letters all meant. XD

22. Next year, I'm living in a house with one of my best friends and with someone I don't actually know yet. Probably an Erasmus student from France. :D

23. My secret dream (not so secret anymore xD): learning so many languages, that you can't count them on your fingers - aka at least 11. :D ... I think it's doable. xD

24. Also, I plan to do a maths degree at some random point in my life - whenever I get bored with whatever else I might be doing.

25. Forget cigarettes or coffee - I can't understand what's so interesting about those. My vices are chocolate, hot choc, tea. :D
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25 Random Things About YOU
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