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 ALL NEW PENSIEVE: Edition Eight? or is it Seven?

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Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year
Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-03-03
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PostSubject: ALL NEW PENSIEVE: Edition Eight? or is it Seven?   Tue Oct 28 2008, 06:21

This Edition is dedicated to the memory of Holly aka Brunette, who we each hold a special place in our hearts for.

Editors Babble.

Hello and welcome to yet another full blown edition of the Pensieve! I am your hostess with the mostess, Miss Ettie!

It is odd to think that this time last year a handful of our lovely female members found themselves peeing on sticks to discover the joys of being pregnant, i was sorry to hear that Severs Snape’s (aka TeaBoy) test was negative but thankfully Elfie was already cooking their miracle within herself.

So, whilst thinking about the joys of life and wondering what the fuss is with peeing on a stick, I thought, oh why not! And popped to my local chemist where I obtained a stick to pee on, a packet of crisps and Flea treatment for my cats.

Racing home i slipped into the bathroom, joined by Holly and Dipstick who still think I need company whilst in the bathroom, and began the task of peeing on the stick. So far so good, one pee’d on stick, two yowling cats and wet feet (courtesy of Dipstick who had just jumped into the bath and soaked myself and Holly. The shock of the water splashing my feet made me drop the stick into the toilet.

Using a coat hanger and a very old litter tray scoop, we three simpletons fished out the stick which was showing two pink lines. Running like a bat out of hell to my Doctor we discovered, much to Dipstick’s relief (he still meows he is too young to be a father) I was thankfully not about to carry a kittenchild. Unfortunately someone in my house hold was pregnant. Actually it was something.

So, I am happy to announce that my toilet is expecting a little toilet sometime in June and as we attempt to trace the father, my darling sister hippo is eagerly signing adoption papers to add the toilet, which will be named Badger, as her son/daughter to join Elfie in the very amusing H.E Family Tree.
Until next time, What do you do when a endangered animal eats endangered plants?

Love to you all.

Role Player’s Dimension
By Stephy.

Welcome to Role Player’s Dimension, a part of the Hogwarts Experience’s pensive. Here there will be an article written about recent role playing (or shortened rp) characters that someone on the site has created or even recent role playing events.

Shadow is unlike any other role playing character that we have interviewed so far. For starters she’s not even fully a human. Shadow Wolf Allyssia Roth might sound like a strange name at first but if you were to take a closer look you will see that Shadow comes from her demonic name, Wolf is her soul self (which is somewhat like an animagus for wizards) and Allyssia by birth. Shadow, if you hvaen’t yet noticed, is half demon with the appearance of mostly a human. She has long dark purple hair that’s streaked with white, violet eyes which sometimes can be replaced by four red eyes when her demonic side is taking over, light gray skin, black charka gem between her eyebrows and a circular scar around her left eye that she received from her father. Her outfit contains a black hooded cloak, a pair of black trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Now that we know what she looks like lets now look at her past.

Shadow’s mother was tricked by a demon which ended in her birth. She was then raised in Synairn, a place where demons exist, away from civilization because of the fear of her magic. The Senate of Synairn taught her to mediatae and control her magic but later on inher life her father returned when she was five. Shadow’s mother died trying to protect her from her father and because of this Shadow blames herself.

Two years later Shadow was sent to live with Zena, her guardian, in this dimension. Zena then enrolled her into Hogwarts where at first Shadow tried to distance herself from others. She was shy and didn’t really open up to other but she soon found friends namely Oddie Riddle, Zelda Rundell, Emmalynn Malfoy, Elladora Zeller, Jamie Carton and Dorothy. That sums up most of Shadow’s past lets now move onto her present life.

Now at the age of thirteen Shadow gets into battles against people who can’t get past someone’s heritage and trying to stop a prophecy from happening. Shadow had joined th Order but soon took the Dark Mark and became a spy for the Order. Her sister Raven Roth and her tend to fight a lot but soon afterward their fight they will become best friends and she doesn’t see much of her half brother Caleb Von Nechrark who is a vampire.

Now that we have gone over Shadow Wolf Allyssia Roth, lets now take a look at her creator Shadow Granger. Shadow, also known as Jennifer, is 5ft 7in and thirteen years old. She has darkish blond hair, grey eyes and pale skin which she often writes runes on herself. Shadow lives in France Grenoble and is addicted to HE. Her favorite part of the site is the Great Hall followed by Qudditch. Shadow’s favorite house is between Slytherin and Ravenclaw and she can’t choose between the Order and the Death Eaters but if she had choose she would pick the Order. Her best friend on the site and in real life is Dorothy and her other friends are Stephy, Violetriddle, kjmut, hoodeddarkness (her brother) and pickels. What interested her in rping is her love for story writing. Shadow loves HE so much that she can’t think of one thing to change to the site to make it any better.

Well that concludes this issue of Role Player’s Dimension and I hope that after reading about Shadow's character Shadow Wolf Allyssia Roth that it makes you want to head over to the Great Hall and start to role play with your own character.Remember it might take two to rp but it is a lot more fun when there’s ten.

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Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year
Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-03-03
Number of posts : 6607
Age : 33
Location : Wherever my heart takes me
Real First Name : Bee
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PostSubject: Re: ALL NEW PENSIEVE: Edition Eight? or is it Seven?   Tue Oct 28 2008, 06:22

Opinion: Global Warming
By Streams of Silver

Opinion: Global Warming


<i>Streams sits cross-legged on the striped rug, a jelly donut in one hand, a book in the other. Ettie is sprawled on the settee, applying fire-engine red nail polish with a mobile phone tucked between her ear and shoulder. Polly is sketching something, using lots of black pastel. A bronze triangle is attached to thin chain around her neck, and it swings back and forth as Polly draws furiously.</i>

<b>Act 1:</b>

<i>Streams looks up from her book, holding her place with one finger:</i> "Now, I don't pretend to know much about global warming. Every time I look it up I understand some things but have more and more questions.

"My opinion, anyway (because I have no problem forming an opinion on subjects that I know little about) is that <b>going</b> green can't hurt, right? So I recycle, and try to use stuff that doesn't waste too much energy, but if it's something expensive, or something that takes up a lot of my time without saving too much energy, I don't bother.

"I usually let the water run while I wash dishes or brush my teeth for the first minute or so, and then my guilt conscience takes over and I hastily shut the water off.

<i>Ettie squeals into her phone:</i> "I KNOW! They're selling it for ADDPOUNDSIGN12! HOW can you not love it?!"

<i>Streams stares at her pointedly.</i>

<i>Ettie rolls her eyes and lifts her head, letting her phone tumble to the floor:</i> "I think if there was more information available, people like me might actually do something about it.

"I don't recycle. Not that I don't want to, I'd actually like to, but the option isn't available to me/my street because we live in blocks of flats and there isn't a recycling box for us, which many other homes have.

"Also, I let the water run when i brush my teeth, simply because Dippy drinks it whilst I'm brushing. I don't keep water running whilst washing the dishes, i just fill the bowl and wash away like a loon.

"I don't use energy saving lightbulbs because they're toooooooo expensive. And John often complains that i have turned our home into Blackpool Alluminations because i leave the lights on but lately I've been turning them off! Just not as often as I should.

"I don't understand the whole global foot print, no one has explained it in Ettie terms for me to even begin to comprehend it. I waste gas on keeping my home warm because John thinks we live on farm (he leaves ALL the doors open letting the draft in BIG time)."

<i>Ettie shivers, and then turns to Streamies:</i> "Are we done? Give me back my phone!"

<i>Streams glares at her and takes a large bite of donut. Jelly squirts onto her chin: "No, we are not done."</i>

<i>She wipes the jelly off with the back of her hand, and then snaps Ettie's phone shut, tucking it into her pocket:</i> "I think there isn't enough basis for comparison. They've only been keeping records and noticed significant changes in global warming for the past hundred years or so, and the world is thousands or millions years old! Maybe the world warms up once every thousand years, maybe it's a normal occurrence. We have no way of knowing, really."

<i>Ettie sighs, blowing on her right hand to dry the wet polish</i>: "I agree with Streamies, not enough time and research has gone into the whole ice caps melting thingy, maybe Earth does heat up every thousand years, we don't know, again it all comes down to what we are told, and we're not told enough.

"And no i don't feel guilty about not saving the planet etc because well will i be here in a hundred years? Nope."

<i>Streams is open-mouthed in shock. A bit of partially-chewed jelly donut is clearly visible: </i>"Well I do care about the kids of the future! Cuz they'll be around in a 100 years."

<i>Streams paused as she considered the inane statement she had just uttered. Shrugging, she swallowed and continued:</i> "On the other hand, they'll probably be fine. I think all the global warming panic is for nothing, but just in case, it doesn't hurt to take a few of the easier measures, if they really do help as much as they claim it will.

"Oh, and I also shut the lights off whenever I leave a room. But that's probably cuz my Mom and Dad were forever going on about how we don't own the electric company. So it was more to save money than to save energy...but ah...killing two birds with one stone!

"Besides, money is energy! ...You figure it out!"

<i>The room plunges into darkness. Ettie and Streams scream. There is no sound from Polly.</i>

"Omg, I think they killed Polly!" Ettie shrieks.

"Omg, I got jelly on my shirt! Open the darn lights!" Streams yells, louder.

<i>Ettie snorts, and decides to do her left-hand polish in the dark</i>: "The kids of our future. If I were a parent perhaps I'd be more concerned, but I'm not and it ain't gonna happen so <i> she shrugs carelessly</i> I'll switch off the kettle when I'm finished with it, but that's my bit for those kiddies in 100 years. They HAD BETTER name a star or a galaxy after me.

<i>Streams raised an eyebrow. It flew right over your head, though - because it's dark. Sigh.</i>

<i>Ettie swears, realizing she's painted her hand and perhaps her jeans with fire-engine red:</i> "And the government here needs to realise that just because you live in a block of flats doesn't mean you don't want to recycle!"

<i>A soft voice says:</i> "Well, I think that we should be doing stuff about it, it's okay saying it's not going to affect us it's going to affect our children's children's children's children's children. But it is affecting us--look at the summer we had here in England. Rain. That's not summer, it was more like Autumn and this is because the state of the world."

<i>Streams and Ettie lift their head haughtily, trying to cover up the fact that they had visibly jumped when Polly had spoken.</i>

<i>Polly sighs. The parchment she had been drawing on rustles.</i>: "Why are the lights out? I can't draw in the dark!"

<i>The sound of Streams smacking her lips and licking her fingers is audible to all:</i> "Hey, we're saving electricity! Cool!"

<i>Ettie grimaces, though her perfect sneer is wasted in the pitch blackness.</i> "Hey Polly, think you can turn on the lights? Even though I'm not really sure I want to see what Streams looks like at the moment . . ."

<i>There is a swish and a soft popping noise from Polly's vicinity, and the lights go back on. Streams has a jelly mustache, beard and sideburns. Ettie swears and rushes to the sink, trying to wash a great big spot of polish off her jeans leg.</i>

<i>Polly continues dreamily:</i> "Yeah I know some things are not convenient for people but I think we should all try and do something for the world. I know I am sitting on the computer right now and would probably die if it was taken away from me but we're killing the penguins! Just think of them, adorable little things waddling along and they don't have as big as a home any more because us selfish humans are melting their homes.

<i>Streams and Ettie looked at each other bemusedly. Computers? Penguins? Exactly WHO was this Polly?</i>

<i>Polly began drawing again, her hand flying over the paper as she spoke:</i> "I do use energy saving light bulbs and recycle, but sometimes I think it is not enough I think the people who create things should work more on sorting out global warming instead of creating new gaming equipment etc.

"The only time we can clearly see the stars now is if we travel out to the country to see them and that is of no fault but our own."

<i>Ettie, staring sadly at her ruined jeans, but starting to get angry:</i> "Who shut the lights in the first place? I'm going to kill them. Also, I'm sorry but I disagree completely with what you just said, Polly. I don't live in the country, yet I can see the stars perfectly well.

<i>Streams laughs. Her donut is gone, but she hasn't wiped the jelly from her face. She looks demented:</i> "The reason you usually can't see the stars in the city is because all the bright lights interfere with your long-distance vision, especially if you're trying to see tiny pinpricks of light a gazillion light years away. Not because there is smog or whatever. Though some places do have smog and pollution...but usually, yeah, it's because it's too bright out and too many buildings in the way."

<i>Ettie smirks, and uncaps her nail polish again, staring into the red depths of the bottle thoughtfully:</i> "Well, the Smoggies," <i>she points at the wall, and Streams gleans, through her clairvoyant powers, that Ettie is meaning to point towards Middlesborough</i> "they know about smog.

"Also I think for you Polly, you live too close to London, whereas places like Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds etc, aren't as overcrowded as London. Perhaps, if you truly want to see the stars each night, you should move! However theres nothing special about them at the moment, except for the few shooting stars."

<i>Streams gasps:</i> "Ettie! How can you be so blase about SHOOTING STARS?!"

<i>Ettie snorts and dumps the bottle of nail polish over Streamies' head. Streams shrieks, polish dripping from her face and hair, and accuses Ettie:</i> "You made me dirty!"

<i>Polly laughs at that:</i> "Although I think that something should be done, there is very little that could be done. Yeah, we can recycle which most people do now as the government has given out special bins for free, so we can put things in. There is little we can do to stop it I think what we are doing now is only delaying the effect where the sun will destroy the earth."

<i>Streams throws a book at Polly:</i> "In my opinion, it's not as big a deal as they're making of it. And if the globe wants to warm up...um no offense to scientists or politicians or whatever, but in the long run I think that's really beyond our control."

<i>Polly holds up her completed drawing. It is of a black door, slightly ajar. It opens into blackness. It is amazing in that she has used only black, and yet the image is clearly visible . . . almost glowing. Polly says enigmatically:</i> "A lot of things are beyond our control."

<i>Streams and Ettie are sucked through the drawing of a doorway, looks of shock and panic on their faces. Polly grins manically, folds the paper into quarters, tucks it into her shoulder bag, and exits the room.</i>

Spiderwick Chronicles
By Polly

This movie was an adaptation of 5 books placed into one movie. Considering the amount of work they had to place inside it I feel it was excellent well done. The ever famous actor Freddie Highmore took on the part of both Jared and Simon Grace. Portraying both characters excellently. New star Sarah Bolger took on the part of Mallory Grace and I feel this new star portrayed this feisty women quite well.

Although the acting for the movie was done well most of the plot was changed, including them missing out the fourth book in the series and just going straight to the fifth. In some parts of the movie the graphics were not up to standards but overall a good adaptation of the books. Aimed for to the younger audience some scenes may frighten them. A movie full of magic action and adventure and one that the whole family will enjoy.

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Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year
Deputy Head : Hufflepuff HoH : Divination Professor : 6th Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-03-03
Number of posts : 6607
Age : 33
Location : Wherever my heart takes me
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PostSubject: Re: ALL NEW PENSIEVE: Edition Eight? or is it Seven?   Tue Oct 28 2008, 06:22


Etta and ChatBox!
By Etta and littleprincess_01

With the strange going on with the vanishing ChatBox lately, I took it upon myself to investigate. Stealing some alien technology from my husband’s place of work I was able to take ChatBox hostage and trap him in a time vortex.

Ettie: CB, do you mind if I call you CB? Good, good, Can you explain why you keep disappearing from HE?

CB: ...I miss my mother, and queen. Holly adopted me back in the day because she had no other offspring and we grew very close! She spent so much time with me that you even dubbed her my queen!
*wails* I WANT MY MOMMY!!!
Plus, its fun to drown my sorrows in the rum that i stole from Caroru and her husband,
well, supposed husband.

Unfortunately the rum doesn't have a very good effect on me. Makes me almost, *shudders* HUMAN.
Why else would I be doing this interview with you?

Ettie: Um, maybe because im holding you hostage in the middle of a time vortex so you can't escape?

CB: Grrrr. I'll just swallow your words and LAG. You know how much people hate it when I do that!
*evil laugh*

Ettie: You say you're missing your mummy and Queen, Is it not true that she is still with you? I heard a rumour she was moving through you on a horse.

CB: She's not the same.

Ettie: What do you mean she's not the same? Explain CB, You're amongst loved ones here.

CB: Her spirit will always live on but it’s not truuuuly her.

Ettie: But isn't the spirit so much better then the body? She can’t feel pain any longer but she can still be with you, You shouldn’t complain you know CB, I mean it could be worse, you could have Rai as your mummy.

CB: ...Rai as my mummy? PLEASE! Don't even say such things! Even THINKING about it is torturous. Truthfully, I don't know how you survive.

And being who I am I can be witness to lots of secrets, I'm always around but...people tend to forget I'm there


...And yours too.


Ettie: Who said I survived? Oh come on I have no secrets....what’s Rai's secrets? And Elfies? And Amy's? Come on if you know so much tell me, share with me!

CB: I'm not sure that I should.

You know you want to

CB: I know one communal site secret though; everyone's absolute favourite person is Aliza! (littleprincess_01)

...She's just so great. And funny. And generally awesome!

Ettie: You're only saying that because she paid you too, i saw the money exchange hands! i have the proof right here! *points to hundreds of photographs*

CB: Oh, and here's another. You know Amy once received a lap dance from her birth father? Secretly, she enjoyed that - she's a very sick girl our Deputy Head is

Ettie: Oh my, What else?

CB: ...AND HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF SUCH SCANDALS? What would I do with that money? *hides brand new Prada shoes*

Oh, did you know that recently the Huffie HoH has become very stressed because all her sex slaves - i mean men - have been disappearing for short amounts of time.


*clears throat* pray tell dear.

CB: They have been coming in rendezvous in the chat box with...RAIIII

Ettie: No!

CB: It was quite a shock to me at first i tell you, but now its quite a regular occurrence!

Ettie: But Rai is her father!

CB: But they are his lovers!

What can I say?

Ettie: *quickly going into denial mode* Oh the shock horror! Poor Streamies! I always knew there was something going on with DT after i dumped him! Go on tell me more, we'll be here a while.

CB: Who next?

You decide!

Ettie: Hmm, tell me about Elfie, I here she sneaks into your room after everyone goes to bed. And let’s not forget a certain report filed about her "collecting students" instead of being on honeymoon

CB:Oh please, do you really think that I would disclose something like that? Remember, a lady never kisses and tells!

Ettie: Go on, you know you want to. And i'l put your picture in the paper.

CB: *clearly distracted by a large shiny golden stone*
And I AM a lady. Oh wait, I was meant to be Holly's SON.
... I had a sex change!!

Ooh. I do have some gossip about GinGin and JennJenn. Did you know that they joined the secret badger-mafia? At night times they go out and terrorize people, hoping to force them into badger-love.

And instead of horse's heads, they use the heads of lions, snakes and eagles!

Anymore Gossip? What about Car? I know you KNOW her secrets deary.

CB: ...Carr? Did anyone notice how happy she was when skully returned? Did anyone wonder WHY? The truth is, Caro and Skully like to go on secret outings together...with the rum of course! Johnny still doesn't know though, but I expect that it is Caro's way of lashing out about Johnny taking another wife...

...the secret outings are far from romantic though, skully and caro plan on morbid ways to kill Johnny’s new wife!

Really though, HE is like a secret soap opera.

Ettie: So, you had a sex change?

CB: ...i've been feeling very strange lately and it dawned on me why after a long time. The sex-change-operation-guy said it was probably grief but i know it was something else, being a woman is my true calling!

Of course, there are disadvantages, Sharon preferred our midnight meetings when i was a man.
but she understands of course, and knows that her and I were always meant to be - nothing like a sex change can get in our way!!

Oh WAIT. Sharon swore to me to keep our meetings a secret in case Mick found out! Oh, she'll be so ashamed of me. She did not want to break Mick's heart. its such a shame he has to find out this way...

Oh no, something is wrong. UH OH!
*Captain Jack Harkness appears in the Time Vortex and looks at Ettie with disapproval.*
Lovely talking to you CB! Gotta run before I get punished!


...The safety of others is my biggest concern as a CB.

The chatbox would also like to state that Milo Ventimiglia belongs to, and is married to Aliza. Amber may stake her claim on him but the truth is - his heart will always be hers. And remember, the chatbox is always right!

And with that said Captain Jack Harkness restores CB to its rightful place, back on HE under the watchful eye of his/her mother Holly. Catching up with his wife, Captain Jack returns her to the Hufflepuff common room where she gets locked in her office with her puppets and Jack. Please, no-one save Ettie, she’s resting.

When H.E lost it's beloved daughter Holly in March 2008, we at the Pensieve agreed that we should unite in our grief, here is a collection of letter which members have written to our much missed friend and sister.

Harry (Holly's Brother) -

Holly is one of those people you can't ever forget. She was always one to think of others before herself even with her cancer and she touched everyone with her bright personality. Holly had a sixth sense, she was able to see into people's hearts without them saying a word. It was a gift she had. Her friends and family came first in life and she made sure they knew it. Holly was my best friend and my sister and I love and miss her, I always will. She truly was a beautiful person inside and out. I know in my heart she's watching over me and all of you. I love you more than all the words in all the books in all the world, Hollyday.
Hakuna Matata, sis.

To all of you on HE. You truly have no idea how much each of you meant to Holly. You impacted her life as much as she did yours. This site was like a blessing for her. Me and my sisters want to thank for that. We're happy Holly was able to find some sort of outlet from the real world. It made her day alot brighter than it was.

Sharon -

Finding the words to say to someone in sympathy or even in rememberence can sometimes be very difficult, though even through everything Holly was facing, she still had time to offer me kind words, full of strength and feeling, for the loss of my dad only a few months ago. This alone shows her inner strength, something in which carried her through the bad times. When I recieved her letter, it was full of laughter even though this was only writeen a short while before. She showed true courage in the face of hurt and pain and she touched the hearts of many people both in her every day life as well as here on the site.

To our dearly loved friend
Sweet are the memories silently kept
Of the one we loved and shall never forget

Courage so bright through life and death
Gentle and kind and loved by many
Beautiful thoughts of one so dear
Treasured forever with love sincere

At rest in Gods garden
Loving you always
Forgetting you never
As we walk a million miles
Just to see one of your smiles

Thank you Holly for being you and showing us what true courage and bravery means

Love always
Sharon (Elfie) and little Aimee

Ettie -

We just noticed ChatBox has gone missing, my first thought was Holly's taken CB with her! Because im sure if you could you would. You saw things within me that i never saw, you showed me how to be strong, and never to give up, and i won't, i'll fight and fight on, with every sunrise i will remember your smile and your friendship, in the words of Dumbledore "i sometimes think we sort too soon" you were as brave as a lion, as loyal as a badger as smart as a raven and as resourceful as a Snake, you are the 4 houses united.
love always your
Ettie Pie

Caroru -

I will always miss Holly, but it helps to think that she's up there, watching down at me. RIP, Holly love xxx

Just Ginny -


I remember how you always used to make me laugh. No matter what we were talking about, by the end of it I would be smiling. You are, and always will be, such a happy, carefree person. You could've broken down and given up, people would've understood. But you didn't, and you kept yourself smiling and everyone else. You're such a strong person, and I hope that I'll someday find the strength that was always in you, shining like a beautiful light.


Streams -

My darling goddaughter,

Your intelligence, strength, beauty and bright personality will continue to inspire me always. Sweetheart, you always made sense, even when you didn't. Whenever I eat a red M&M, I'll think of you, and tick it off the million you gave me. They're gonna last a long time!

xoxo forever
Your fairy godmother

Elana -

A great friend with an uncrushable spirit, Holly my dear, we won't ever be able to forget you.
<3 Elana

Life is 42 -

Holly, every time we spoke, life was better. you could find the giggles, and the M&M's in life, and you were such a kind, genuine person. You were brave till the end, and a wonderful friend, and i love you so much and will always remember you.

Gryffindorgal4hp -

I didn't know Holly. I never even met her, but I know, from what I have heard of her, that I would have liked her. She sounds a bit like myself. You know, random, potter lovin', Happy, Cheerful. She sounds like the kind of person that was always there for you.
Even though Holly was a Ravenclaw, she showed true Gryffindor guts till the very end. I wish Holly's family every hope for the future. It won't be the same round here without Holly, and even though I didn't know her, Iknow that she was truely loved around here.
Goodbye Holly...See you on the other side pal.
God Bless You

Traci -

I would just like to say that although we all are grieving for the headless horsewoman we can not forget that it is not what she wanted. I hope that we all will be able to learn from her and move on. We will never forget her.

Prinny (littleprincess01)-

The world was a better place when you were here, you were always so full of life – so strong, we should all learn a lesson from you because I think that everyone aspires to be more like you. I love how we could always talk for so long, about the randomest things – you could always make me laugh, even when everyone else had no idea why. I counted you among my best friends, and I always will.
I love you a million and one red M&Ms (and Cadbury’s too! xD)
Lots and lots of love,
Aliza (Lizabean)

Yiecjohn -

"Your death is big loss to everyone who is a fan of harry potter, you may not be famous, but at least you will be remembered in Hogwarts Experience, and other sites about harry potter."

June -

Dearest Holly,

I will always remember you as the brave girl, the spirited girl, the friendly girl, the loving girl, the wonderful girl, the girl who changed so many lives and touched so many hearts. I miss you and love you so much, though I didn't know you well, and I know that you're making Heaven a better place. If you're helping God pour out the rain, do you think you can find a way to sprinkle snow down here in Florida? You are an inspiration, and I'll love, miss, and remember you forever and ever and ever and everly ever.

Sending you infinite *tacklehugglespounces*, *huggles*, *hugglesclings*, and every other variation,

Please feel free to comment on this edition of the Pensieve below. Anyone interested in joining the team should PM Duck the Duck.
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ALL NEW PENSIEVE: Edition Eight? or is it Seven?
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