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 Robin Jarvis

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PostSubject: Robin Jarvis   Wed Jan 24 2007, 10:21

- This post contains a plot spoiler for Deathscent. If you're reading it and haven't quite reached the end, then I suggest that you don't read this post yet. -

I've just finished reading Deathscent, and I wondered if anyone else had read it too or any other of Jarvis' books. He is a really good author, although from my limited experience (Deathscent is the only one of his I've read yet) he tends to take too long to get to the action. The print is big, though, and the chapter pictures are really good, so he gets my vote

If anyone knows of a sequel to Deathscent, then please let me know - I need to know if poor Brinny survives!
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Robin Jarvis
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