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 The Traveler

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PostSubject: The Traveler    Wed Sep 13 2006, 22:15

Lol. I read this book, and it was pretty good, but didn't tie up all the loose ends. So I went to check if there will be more, and yeah, there will be two more. It's a sci-fi/fantasy, and part of the book is how everyone is being watched and is unaware of it, etc. The author gives no info about him/herself, which I also thought was sort of cute. Ties in with the whole privacy thing.

But then, on the net, the whole thing has EXPLODED. The author or their publicist created a bunch of fake* websites, and half the people are playing along while the other half totally believe it...whatever, the whole thing's wild.

The author claims they didn't want the whole celebrity thing. But by remaining anonymous they were pushed into the spotlight. Makes you wonder what the real reason is that they are anonymous. There are all sorts of speculations...ranging from that-makes-sense to that's-insane.

Check it out, and let me know what you think.

*at least, I'm pretty sure they're fake...but there's a seed of suspicion in my mind by now...lol.
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The Traveler
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