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 [QUIDDITCH]: Gryffindor – Game 1

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Raistlin The Wizard
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Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

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PostSubject: [QUIDDITCH]: Gryffindor – Game 1   Fri Jun 16 2017, 16:47

The first game of the season! Should be an easy and rich game, the weather is mild and the sun isnt shinning too bright, perfect conditions to play quidditch
The crowd begins to fill the stands as 14 enchanted dummies specially ordered by the HeadMaster take place in the air, 7 on each side of the field. You can see that each dummy supports a letter in their chest. ‘P’ for “Professional Level”, ‘S’ for “Student Level” and ‘A’ for “Amateur Level”.
For this game, skills were randomly sorted and the dummies for Chasers support “As”, Beaters support “Ss”, Keepers support “As” and Seekers support “Ps”.
Who will show up to take the place of the dummies? Who can guess the outcome?

-          Remember to always add your position in the beginning of the post.
-          Once you enter the field and announce your position the corresponding dummy will disappear. You DO NOT take the skill level of the dummy. Skill levels have been assigned to the dummies so you know how hard is to beat the opposing dummy or how helpful the dummy on you side will be. Your skills are your own and will be shown by your posts.
-          You can only make 1 post per day up to a maximum of 30 in total and a minimum of 4 posts in total.
-          Remember the skill levels of each dummy and RPG according to it, you’ll be judged on it.
Individual Scores
You’ll be judged on the following aspects:
Number of posts – 30 pts*
Creativity – 50 pts
Skill shown/Manoeuvres – 50 pts
Knowledge of the game – 50 pts
Cooperation with the dummies/Facing the opposing dummies – 50 pts
Team work (only valid if other members show up to play with you) – 10 pts+
Spelling/Grammar – 10 pts
*If you make 30 posts but there are mostly one paragraphs you will not get the full marks
+If you want to increase the chances of your House winning, call others to play and benefit from these points
Total possible: 250 pts
House Score
The House score will be the average score of every member.
House Points
Your House Points for the game will be your score points multiplied by 10 for a possible 2500 HP per game.
The game will end on the 22nd of July or if someone catches the Snitch earlier than that.

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[QUIDDITCH]: Gryffindor – Game 1
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