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 [WRITING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 1 - Going for the O!

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Raistlin The Wizard
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All
Headmaster : Slytherin Head of House: Astronomy Professor : 1st Year : Master of All

Country :
Regist. date : 2006-07-26
Number of posts : 11380
Age : 29
Location : In the mad house!
Real First Name : Lost in the mists of time...
Warning :
3 / 33 / 3

House : Slytherin!
Crest :
Wand : Exam not taken
Award Bar :
700 / 700700 / 700

PostSubject: [WRITING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 1 - Going for the O!   Sat Apr 16 2016, 14:02

Round 2 - Going for the O!

Welcome to the first round of Writing Tournament! You will be making 18 poems. One for every HE class.


- The total word count of the 18 poems must be 1,000 words or more
- Each poem must have at least two stanzas of at least 4 lines


- When you're done and ready to move on to another round, and if you're the first one to finish this round, go to the sign-ups thread to request the next round to be opened.

ATTENTION: Once you post your entries, you may be scored at any given time. Only post them when you're happy with it and you're ready to go to the next round.


  • Minimum word count of 1,000 words - 25 pts
  • Spelling & Grammar - 25 pts
  • Creativity - 25 pts
  • Compliance with the scenario given - 25 pts

HousePoints per Round:
1st Place
1,500 HP
2nd Place
1,350 HP
3rd Place
1,250 HP
4th Place
1,150 HP
1,000 HP

Good luck everyone!

A Decade of Magical Moments

Other titles:
Slytherin Head of House
Astronomy Professor

Student rank: 1st Year (#45)

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Hufflepuff Head of House : CoMC & Mythology Professor : 5th Year
Hufflepuff Head of House : CoMC & Mythology Professor : 5th Year

Country :
Regist. date : 2010-07-29
Number of posts : 17484
Age : 22
Location : Floating around the clouds
Real First Name : Katie
Warning :
0 / 30 / 3

House : Hufflepuff
Crest :
Wand : Cherry & Phoenix Tail Feather
Award Bar :
260 / 700260 / 700

PostSubject: Re: [WRITING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 1 - Going for the O!   Thu Mar 16 2017, 20:42

Ancient Runes
Remnants from languages now long gone by,
Takes years of research to properly know,
Symbols and tokens that help to clarify,
Civilizations and stories seen through an ancient window.

Those who are keen learn these runes still today,
Hoping to pick up some knowledge thatís lost.
A sharp brain is needed, and patience to stay,
In order to decode these lines that exhaust.

Art, Drama & Creative Writing
This is the place for the creative and bold,
Writing, and drawing, and acting their tales.
Emotions and feeling beyond whatís the mold,
Paying attention to any and all the details.

Come one, come all, that wants to put paper to pen,
Or the loves the great rush of standing onstage each night.
Thereís something for everyone to come back time again,
Helping humanity through every known plight.

If youíre a fan of divination that feels a bit more like fact,
Than come to Arithmancy, where each number means a letter.
Adding, subtracting, assigning the abstract,
Reveals information about heart, personality, and social unfettered.

For those more logical who wish to know what bestows them,
This precise, measurable system feels almost like science.
Find out whether you will face peace of mayhem,
By following this system that has great reliance.

Cosmos and galaxies of worlds far beyond,
Are studied and explored, looking up to the sky.
Constellations and comets that have long since been spawned,
Teach us a history of stars both far and nearby.

If you are searching for something away from this Earth,
This classroom is the place to start your grand search.
Thereís so much knowledge to discover its worth,
You wonít find yourself disappointed or in a great lurch.

Care of Magical Creatures
Lovers of animals can be found in class here,
Learning about creatures with a magical flair.
Unicorns, nifflers, and thestrals endear,
All under studentís most earnest care.

Come one, come all, to learn of those big and those small,
With respect and admiration for their place in the land.
Creatures who gallop, and swim, and even who crawl,
All can be found in this magizoologistís wonderland.

No wizardís complete without the skill sets taught here,
Learning charms from mundane, to powerful tools.
To be a good wizard and reach the next tier,
Pay close attention to not become fools.

Swish of the wand, and correct use of the word,
Is essential to master the hardest of charms.
Cheer up friends with a giggle, or lift a box like a bird,
All this and more with a flick of your arms.

Dark Arts Studies
For the darker of souls with an interest in evil,
This is the place to expands your horizons.
While certain ideas are frankly medieval,
Youíll find itís not lacking in information to wizen.

Whether to study the enemy or embrace the dark side,
The things you learn here will mess with your mind.
Once itís complete, youíll have to decide,
Whether these lessons will free you or bind.

Defense Against the Dark Arts
In this classroom youíll find the noble of heart,
Striving to conquer the dark arts which spreads.
To succeed in this course you must be quite smart,
To outwit the dark sideís sneaky outreach of threads.

From dark wizards to creatures with plans of foul deeds,
It takes determination to not turn and just flee.
Those who succeed and find all those leads,
Will find themselves prepared for the fight to a great degree.

The future, the future, unknown and unnamed,
Until you discover the secrets awaiting in here.
Famous, or penniless or maybe acclaimed,
Unveil all these answers with the power of seer.

Tea leaves, and cards, and the famed crystal ball,
All give us answers of what is in store.
Regardless of meaning, itís sure to enthrall,
Youíll never find a reason to sleep or to snore.

Flying Lessons
In this class youíll find itís time to take to the skies,
By broomstick youíll find a reliable transport.
The sights and the scenes will always be a surprise,
Or take part in the great wizard broom sport.

A skill every wizard should know just in case,
It may not be suited for those with fears of great height.
But up in the clouds you might find itís your place,
And the rush of the cool air may vanish your freight.

Healer Studies
For those with compassion and empathy, wise,
This class is just perfect, to teach the healing of pain.
Though magical maladies should not be taken lightly, trivialized,
As the solutions are often quite hidden in vain.

Though this class may seem gentle,
Itís not for those easily surprised.
While it will strive to teach the most fundamental,
Be quick on your feet to avoid being chastised.

While plants can be thought of as boring or dull,
You must keep on your toes in these Greenhouses found here.
From poisonous to moving to those that trick into a lull,
Youíll wish some of these could just disappear.

Come dirty your hands,
And learn whatís safe and whatís not,
While you learn about properties you must understand,
Try to keep these green plants confined to the pot!

History of Magic
To be a great wizard you must know what came before,
Donít listen to those who say this class is a bore.
With wars and adventures, thereís much to explore,
So itís certain you wonít find these lessons as chores.

Goblins and house elves and centaurs as well,
Are mixed in the history of wizards themselves.
Immersed in the past, itís easy to tell,
That learning these facts will help us ourselves.

Muggle Studies
This class is important for each wizard to learn,
The ways and the manners of the Muggles next door.
To promote understanding and limit concern,
This class seeks to minimize all ignorant uproar.

From politics to transport to their impact on wizards,
Anyone from a wizard family is sure to be shocked.
How a life without magic can become quite a blizzard,
And understand why our way of life remains locked.

Gods and creatures from many years ago,
And places and cities scattered all around the globe.
Here in this classroom youíll be surprised at the show,
That these grand ancient deities roamed here on their own.

From Egypt to Greece, Australia to Rome,
These mythological stories have much to divulge.
Once you start these great classes you wonít want to stay home,
Instead soaking the knowledge in, one great big indulge. †

Below in the dungeon, cauldrons simmer away,
Brewing and stewing and sitting for days.
Come to discern the mysteries hidden in the fray,
Donít let the fumes leave you down in a daze.

These potions are powerful and must be watched carefully,
Fall into the wrong hands, and destruction youíll see.
Pay close attention to the steps quite earnestly,
Because any mistake will mean no sense of glee.

Supernatural & Paranormal Studies
If youíre interest lies in the life after death,
Come learn about the ghosts present and known.
No frights lie here to make you catch your breath,
Just transparent ghosts that might chill you to the bone.

From mischievous ghosts, to benevolent spirits,
Poltergeists, demons and angels roam, too.
In this here classroom we explore the realm yet unknown,
So come study here for the next big breakthrough.

One of the most challenging skills youíll learn in this school,
Is how to transfigure both yourself and your desks.
Turn a giant great clock, into a little mouse, minuscule,
Just be careful you donít make something looking grotesque.

Precise use of language, that must be practiced in bulk,
Along with concentration, will give you the desired result.
Donít be afraid, or discouraged, dismayed,
Once you succeed youíll earn great accolades.

Word Count: 1,298


H U F F L E P U F F †P R I D E
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[WRITING TOURNAMENT]: Year 12 - Round 1 - Going for the O!
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